Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Free the Tieflings in Moonrise Tower (BG3)

It's time for a jailbreak

Since Grymforge, we’ve known people have been dragged off to the Moonrise Tower. And now, finally, we’ll have a chance to free them—here’s how to save the Tieflings (and Gnomes!) in Moonrise Tower in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How to Free the Tieflings in Moonrise Tower in BG3

If there’s a punching bag in Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s definitely the Tieflings and Gnomes. They can’t catch a break! But at least there’s a straightforward way to save them from the Moonrise Tower Prison. The Rescue the Tieflings quest is given to you by Alfira in the sense that you choose to save the Tieflings instead of murdering them all.

Here’s the bullet point list of what you’ll need to do to free the Tieflings in Baldur’s Gate 3, with a more in-depth description below.

  1. Speak to Lia the Tiefling in the first cell.
  2. Pass a persuasion or deception check.
  3. Speak to Wulbren, the Gnome in the adjacent cell.
  4. Give Wulbren 1–3 bludgeoning items.
  5. Wait for Wulbren to break through the wall.
  6. Wait for the Warden to leave her office.
  7. Preemptively attack her.
  8. Kill her and the remaining prison guards.
  9. Rendezvous with the Gnomes and Tieflings in the Last Light Inn.

Speak to Lia and Wulbren

Like with all things in Baldur’s Gate, there are quite a few ways to save the Tieflings in the Moonrise Prison. But one of the best ways to do it (especially if you’re trying not to turn everyone hostile) is to speak to the Tiefling Lia. To do so, you’ll need to pass a persuasion or deception check with the prison guard. But this will only require you to roll a 14.

A Tiefling character named Lia who is in jail in Baldur's Gate 3.
Screenshots by Prima Games

Once you pass it, you can speak to the Gnomes in the second cell.

This Gnome is Wulbren Bongle, the leader of the Ironhand Gnomes who were enslaved in the Grymforge. Wulbren will tell you he has a plan, and all he needs is something to break through the wall.

Give Wulbren the Tools

Fortunately, you can give him any sort of bludgeoning item you like. We offloaded some looted maces. Give him three, as it will make the breakout attempt faster. To do this, speak to Wulbren and tell him you have the items. You’ll open a barter menu, allowing you to transfer the weapons into Wulbren’s inventory discreetly.

A screenshot of a the character, Wulbren's Inventory in Baldur's Gate 3.
Screenshots by Prima Games

Protect the Prisoners

Once you’ve given him the three weapons, wait. He’ll eventually break through the wall and make his way to the Tiefling cell. When this happens, locate the Warden and preemptively attack her before she discovers the Gnomes are missing.

A screenshot of a sneak attack  in Baldur's Gate 3.
Screenshots by Prima Games

The warden is the hardest of the three guards and two sentinel orbs you’ll have to fight, but if you get the initiative, she’ll go down relatively easily. From there, do your best to keep the guards away from the cell. It’s not an exceptionally difficult fight, and soon the Gnomes will break into the Tiefling cell.

They’ll then escape to the docks nearby and make the trip safely to Last Light Inn, where you can speak to them.

How to Free the Tieflings Without Alerting the Guards and Without Giving the Gnomes Hammers in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you’d prefer to do everything yourself, there’s an alternative way of clearing the dungeon and helping the gnomes and tieflings escape.

This method involves killing both guards, both eyes, and breaking open the walls of the prison yourself. We used this method in our second run because a mod to make trading more efficient prevented us from giving Wulbren the maces for free. If you also have this popular mod equipped, this is the solution.

Additionally, this method means you won’t have to talk to anyone, including the prisoners, and you won’t have to pass any saving throws.

Step 1. Kill Each Guard Individually

Select a guard you want to kill, and ensure that the eyes and the guard are nowhere in sight. You’ll need to kill the guard either in one or two turns, just to be safe.

For an extra layer of protection, we cast the spell Darkness on the person we’d kill to ensure no witnesses. But this isn’t necessary.

we’re using the Warden as an example here as the other two are already dead. But you don’t need to kill her. In fact, she shouldn’t even leave her office.

Once you’re ready to kill, switch to Turn-Base Mode. Quickly kill the guard that’s by themselves. Then pick up their body, adding it to your inventory. This will ensure that the guards and eyes aren’t alerted.

Step 2. Kill the Sentinel Orbs

The Sentinel Orbs tend to run in pairs but they’re very low HP. So, kill them quickly before they can alert anyone or attack you. If they’re the last two alive, you won’t need to cast Darkness.

Step 3. Free the Tieflings and Gnomes

Next, go to the very back of the prison and jump up the stone stairs.

You can find the back of both the Tiefling and Gnome prisons and you can manually knock them down. They’re not very strong.

Once the walls of both prisons are open, you can follow the tieflings and gnomes to the boat, where they can escape.

This method is actually one of the easiest, as each fight is a 1 v 4. We highly recommend it.

Collect Your Rewards

But before you go, remember to go into the Warden’s office and climb up the ladder. She has plenty of items she’s stolen from the prisoners in there. But do not pull the large lever in front of the marked cell switches. Pulling this lever will set off an alarm that will make everyone hostile.

A screenshot of a table littered with paper and candles in Baldur's Gate 3.
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Once you do find Wulbren in the inn, he’ll give you 442 gold or your services. But only if you goad him into it. He’s not nearly as grateful as you might expect.

As for the Tieflings, they’re being yelled at by Rolan, assuming you saved him from the shadows. And if you did save Rolan, he’ll give you 466 gold for reuniting his family. Slightly less stingy than Wulbren!

A screenshot of a Tielfling named Lakrissa in Baldur's Gate 3.
Screenshots by Prima Games

If you speak to Lakrissa and Alfira, though, you’ll get the absolute best benefits, so don’t overlook her! The loot you’ll get is:

  • Potent Robe: Very Rare Clothing. 10 Armor Class.
    • Grecaroius Caster: Your cantrips deal additional damage equal to your Charisma Modifier.Well-Liked and Well-Fortified: At the beginning of the wearer’s turn, the robe activates, granting them temporary hit points equal to their Charisma Modifier.
    • Armour Class +1.
  • 459 Gold.
  • Scroll of Polymorph: Transform a creature into a harmless sheep.
  • Scroll of Planar Binding: Target an otherworldly creature and attach its consciousness to your own. It will follow and fight for you as an ally.
  • Scroll of Gaseous Form: Transform yourself or an ally into a tiny gas cloud. It can’t fall, and fits through small openings. It is very hard to damage.
  • Potion of Greater Healing: 8–20 healing.
  • Oil of Accuracy: Coat your weapon to receive a +2 bonus to Attack Rolls with the oiled weapon.
  • Acid Vial: 2–12 Damage (acid).

Is There a Bug in Rescue the Tielflings?

There is no bug in the Rescue the Tiefling quest. However, it is a complicated quest that need many tasks done before completing it. Know that this quest is only available if you save the Tielflings before in Druid’s Grove during Act 1.

Here’s another rundown on exactly how to complete the Rescue the Tieflings quest. Make sure you do each step, or you won’t be able to complete it:

  1. Speak to Alfira at Last Light Inn to get the quest.
  2. Head to the Docks near Moonrise Towers and enter the door (X: -98,Y: -189).
  3. Head to the door on the east side of Moonrise Towers which will allow access to the Moonrise Tower Prison.
  4. Go into the west prison where you will find the locked up Tieflings.
  5. Convince the Warden to talk to the Tieflings since it is forbidden to speak with them.
  6. With Wulbren, they will discuss an escape plan.
  7. Give him 3 bludgeoning tools so he can smash though the wall at the back of his cell.
  8. While Wilbren is working on the wall, keep the guards occupied. Keeping the guards occupied will give the Tieflings and Gnomes time to escape.
  9. After killing the guards along with the Warden, follow the prisoners to the boat. Go with them to ensure their safety.
  10. Once you reach Last Light Inn, the prisoners will be freed.
  11. Speak to all of the rescued prisoners and receive rewards and make sure to talk to the two rescued prisoners under the bridge to close out the quest.

Speaking to the Tieflings in BG3 isn’t the only source of rewarded gold you can get in Moonrise Towers. Speaking to Araj, the blood-obsessed drow can lead to some great benefits and some unexpected consequences too.

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