Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find the Suspicious Sound in Moonrise Tower (BG3)

There's something in the walls...

If you’ve wandered the main floor of Moonrise Towers, you’ve likely seen the door filled with a strange, pink membrane. But speaking to the ogre will reveal that there’s a suspicious sound. And it’s coming from the walls in the kitchen. But where is the source of this suspicious sound in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Source of the Suspicious Sound in Baldur’s Gate 3 Location

There’s something in the walls of the Moonrise Tower. Something big, meaty, and suspicious. But if you want to find the source, you will have to get climbing.

On the main floor of the Moonrise Tower, just to the left of the entrance, where you’ll see the goblins Brawler Weneg, Brawler Orik, and Brawler Winn, is a ladder.

Climb up this ladder, and you’ll find that you’ll have access to the rafters.

Jump from the broken rafter towards the kitchen and the tower that’s full of pink, suspicious flesh. You’ll see there’s a platform beside the tower, and if you land on it, you’ll get a perception check. Pass it, and the cracked wall of the tower will be highlighted.

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This will allow you to interact with the Cracked Wall, allowing you to reach inside or leave it.

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I highly recommend you reach inside. Doing so will force you to pass a high-skill check to get out. But taking the risk will give you some fascinating lore, foreshadowing future things. And if you have the Great Old One subclass, use that option.

I won’t spoil anything, but you’ll get a unique cutscene.

Beyond that, you won’t get any rewards beyond inspiration. But that inspiration might be reserved for those who picked the Sage background.

If you prefer something a little more tangible, there’s actually treasure on the mainfloor that’s pretty easy to pick up. Check out how to find it here.

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