BG3 screenshot of the Illithid Oubliette

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find the Suspicious Sound in Moonrise Tower (BG3)

There's something in the walls...

If you’ve wandered the main floor of Moonrise Towers, you’ve likely seen the door filled with a strange, pink membrane. We’ll tell you how to find the suspicious sound in Moonrise Tower in BG3.

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Where is the Moonrise Tower in BG3?

The suspicious sound in BG3 is coming from a wall in Moonrise Tower. If you haven’t gotten to this critical story area yet, it’s furthest south in the western half of the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Act 2. You’ll find it right below the Waning Moon Tavern. Following the main storyline will naturally lead you here as its seemingly the source of the mysterious Absolute entity, where all those afflicted by an Illithid tadpole are congregating.

Source of the Suspicious Sound in Baldur’s Gate 3 Location

So there’s something in the walls of the Moonrise Tower making a suspicious sound in BG3. Something big, meaty, and very suspicious. The residents of Moonrise Towers say as much. If you talk to the big ogre in the west wing, Mig, she’ll note what sounds like “meat-things” in the walls coming from above. And if you head over toward the kitchen, you’ll no doubt notice a doorway filled with a meaty mucus membrane trailing down from the rafters.

These are your hints that something squishy is happening overhead, and either one of these interactions will place a “Suspicious Sounds” marker in the form of a question mark on your minimap. So if you want to find the source of the suspicious sound, you will have to get climbing.

On the main floor of the Moonrise Tower, just to the left of the entrance, where you’ll see the goblins Brawler Weneg, Brawler Orik, and Brawler Winn, is a ladder (X:-138 Y:-164).

Climb up this ladder, and you’ll find that you’ll have access to the rafters.

Jump from the broken rafter toward the kitchen and the tower that’s full of pink, suspicious flesh. You’ll see there’s a platform beside the tower, and if you land on it, you’ll get a low perception check. Pass it, and the cracked wall of the tower will be highlighted.

bg3 screenshot of moonrise towers main floor rafters
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This will allow you to interact with the Cracked Wall, letting you to reach inside or leave it.

Sticking Your Hand Into the Cracked Wall

We highly recommend you reach inside the Cracked Wall. Doing so will force you to pass a couple high skill checks of of various attributes to get out. But taking the risk will give you some fascinating lore, foreshadowing future things. And if you have the Great Old One Warlock subclass, use that option.

We won’t spoil anything too much, but you’ll get a unique cutscene where you’ll have dialogue with a looming figure. Acquiesce fully, and the suspicious sound will drag you down into a unique meaty area: the Oubliette. This area is also accessible via the Moonrise Prisons, but getting dragged through meat is a far more fun way to get there than walking through a prison.

There are a few things you can grab in the Oubliette, including a Mindflayer Parasite, and some Hook Horrors you’ll have to battle, but once you’re done poking around, just follow the path up and out, and you’ll find your way back to Moonrise Towers through its prison.

Beyond that, you won’t get any rewards beyond inspiration. But that inspiration might be reserved for those who picked the Sage background.

Strategies Against the Hook Horrors

Hook Horrors are a difficult fight at first because they can call for help and do a ton of damage. The best advice here is to level up a bit before fighting them. Keep far away from cliffs, as Hook Horrors can push you off of them. Make sure to take them out one by one if you can, or two-by-two. Split your team, use a heavy damage dealer like Lae’zel or Karlach, and make use of push against them.

If the rewards from the suspicious sound in BG3 weren’t to your liking, and you prefer something a little more tangible, there’s actually treasure on the main floor that’s pretty easy to pick up. Check out how to find it here.

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