Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find Philomeen’s Hiding Spot

It's an EXPLOSIVE sidequest

One of the most efficient ways to free True Soul Nere is using the Runepowder Vial Philomeen stole. To that end, here’s how to find Philomeen’s Hiding Spot in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find Philomeen’s Hiding Spot

As part of the Free Nere questline, you’ll need to find a way through the rubble. If you speak to Lunkburg, the Deep Gnome trying to clear the rocks, you’ll learn that there’s an easy way to get through. You need a Runepowder Vial. And that Runepowder Vial was taken by Philomeen, who’s wisely run. Fortunately, finding her is very easy.

To get to Philomeen, you’ll need to return to the first floor of the Grymforge, where the boats are. Cross the river and enter the door that’s to the left of the stairs.

The room you’ll enter will have the remains of a Nightfeast, a Sharran ritual banquet. And while there are plenty of items to loot here, you’ll want to go to the back left corner of the room. Pass a perception check, and a button will reveal itself.

If all your companions fail, you can always bring in new companions from your camp to give them a shot. Alternatively, you can try clicking the area highlighted in the image and doing it manually.

By clicking the button, the wall will open, revealing a passage and a new area. This area is linear. Just follow the stairs up and prepare to be ambushed by three Ochre Jelly. They’re each level five.

Follow the stairs up, and you’ll hit a dead end and a gap. Jump across.

Across the gap, you’ll encounter a massive steel door. But you don’t have to lockpick it. Instead, follow the path left to find a hole in the wall, which will spare you using a lockpick set.

Inside the chamber, you’ll find Philomeen’s belongings. Head to the very back of the room to encounter an extremely wary Philomeen. But can you blame her? She’s sure you’re a True Soul, and she’d rather die than let you drag her back.

Convincing Philomeen to Give you the Runepowder Vial in Baldur’s Gate 3

Philomeen is more than happy to blow you up. If you approach her with any character that’s not currently talk to her, she’ll immediately detonate the Runepowder Vial for some pretty significant damage. She’ll also kill herself in the process.

To convince Philomeen to give you the Runepowder Vial, you’ll need to:

  • Use Detect Thoughts (10+), then tell her, “You will not serve Ironhand in death. But you might still serve him in life.”
  • Pass a Persuasion Check (15+).
  • Pass an Intimidation Check (15+).

Philomeen will then lose all her bluster, and you can decide her fate. If you let her live, you’ll see her again in Act 3.

With the Runepowder Vial, you can return back to the rubble, report the good news to Lunkburg, and hit the next step in the Free Nere quest.

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