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From romancing your companions to finding secret passages for some hidden treasures, Baldur’s Gate 3 can be one of the biggest time sinks of the whole year, especially if you’re willing to do multiple campaigns to see the different paths a new answer could lead you to. The game is divided into several acts, but how many of them will you get to experience? Continue reading to learn how many Acts are in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How Many Acts Are There in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 has exactly three different acts, all fully fleshed out for you to enjoy with your Elf, Dragonborn, Human, or whichever race you picked at character creation. Think of it as different D&D sessions where the master’s proposal is to first introduce you to the world, expand it and finally close it out with a blast.

Acts I and II are the longest, while the third and final Act serves as a wrap-up and it’s, therefore, quicker than both of the previous ones. The second Act, in particular, is the largest of them all, as it’s where all of the main plots of your campaign are developed after a lengthy presentation during Act I.

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The first act is expected to have an average length of around 30 hours, with the second one almost doubling on that with a whooping 50 hours in it. The final one is the quickest of them all, but it could very well take around 20 hours to complete fully.

These lengths could all vary depending on your focus on sidequests and alternative paths. And of course, everyone’s own pace is different, so these timers won’t be accurate for everybody.

Considering the myriad of things you could possibly do, you might be very tempted to attempt a whole new campaign, so be prepared for some long time wandering the Forgotten Realms again and again. But if you’re thinking about restarting just to get some new specs, there’s a very easier way to do it.

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