Baldur’s Gate 3: Get the Most Out of Your Rogue With These Sneak Attack Tips (BG3)

You mean I don't actually have to sneak?

You know those sneaky little dudes who skulk in the shadows and run around out-of-bounds while everyone else is busy getting their face smashed in by a Troll? Those devilishly handsome but pompous Rogues, always trying to stay out of harm’s way yet still trying to claim their share of the loot? Yeah, those guys. You might have one in your party, but you might be wasting a Bonus Action trying to get the most out of one of their key skills: Sneak Attack.

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How to Meet Sneak Attack Conditions in Baldur’s Gate 3

The conditions for being able to deal a Sneak Attack are to have Advantage, which you can meet in any one of the following ways:

  • Being hidden while attacking.
  • Having an ally within 1.5 meters of the enemy you’re attacking.
  • Having an Advantage buff from another skill.
  • Attacking a Prone enemy within three meters.
  • Attacking a Restrained enemy.

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My go-to strategy for guaranteeing Sneak Attacks is to have one of my melee party members within 1.5 meters of the enemy targeted by my Rogue. I usually keep my Rogue on high ground and use Ranged Sneak Attacks to deal an extra 1d6 damage to targets, as well as the bonus damage granted by Advantage (the higher of two separate damage rolls).

If you’re new to Baldur’s Gate 3 or Dungeons and Dragons mechanics in general, as I am, you may have been under the false assumption that Sneak Attack means you have to be… well… sneaking. But really, all you need is Advantage – your Rogue can literally be staring a target in the eye and still land a Sneak Attack!

Combat might not always go your way, but why not try embracing the luck of the dice and try playing without save scumming?

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