Backstage Encounter Web Event Guide and Rewards in Genshin Impact

Introducing the world's easiest web event!

We all love a quick and easy web event from Genshin since it’s sure to deliver us some easy rewards, and with Fontaine around the corner, we’ll need the drops! Here’s how to complete the Web Event and collect some beautiful art of Lyney while the event is still live!

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How to Complete Backstage Encounter Web Event in Genshin Impact

Help Lyney in Backstage Encounter gather his props before he goes out on stage! Lyney’s key partners and props for his show seem to have gone missing, so it’s your job to go and collect them before he takes the stage. There are three different props that Lyney is currently missing; his black cat, his doves, and a flower bouquet. Based on the clues given, they should be around this backstage area. 

This event kind of holds your hand, so it’s super easy to get through and takes five minutes to get your rewards! What you’re going to do first is collect some items by visiting some of Genshin Impact’s Official Online handles, such as their Twitter, TikTok, or YouTube. By doing that, you’ll get key items that you can then use to help find Lyney’s props backstage.

The tutorial will show you that you can take a blanket cover and drag it from your inventory in the bottom left to the item highlighted on the screen, in this case, the wardrobe. Once you collect your key items, to find Lyney’s props, you’ll need to use these key items on these objects:

  • Slice of Fish on Lyney’s Chair
  • Piece of Candy on the Teddy Bear
  • Pair of Gloves on the Coat Rack

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Rewards from Backstage Encounter Web Event in Genshin Impact

From this event, you will get ascension materials, Primogems, and Mora for completing it. These items will be mailed to your account after completing all of the missions. You can also get a full-size image of Lyney’s art showcased at this event. Once finished, a screen will pop up where you can either share the event or click the image to have the wallpaper downloaded to your mobile device or PC!

Before you know it, it’s all over! But there’s always more to look forward to when Fontaine is right around the corner, waiting to spring upon us. You can check out the Genshin Impact game tag just below this article, or if you’d like to know more about Fontaine, visit our overview from HoYoverse’s recent stream. You can look forward to a brand new cast, exciting events with even more rewards, and plenty of new puzzles and mechanics for our new area in Teyvat!

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