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Attack on Titan Game – Find the Best Weapon Blades

by Bryan Dawson

In the Attack on Titan game the weapon you use can make a difference when fighting against the Titans, so we’ve taken the liberty of providing some of the best weapon blades options to ensure you always have the best. The blades you can buy will change as you progress through the game, so we’ve simplified the process so you can quickly and easily figure out which new weapon blades you should choose.

To purchase a new weapon blade, scabbards or 3D maneuver gear between missions look for the Logistician with the blade symbol above their head. Speak to this person and you’ll have the option of buying a brand new weapon blade, scabbard, or 3D maneuvering gear. In order to buy new items you will need the materials required to make them. You can get materials by completing missions and by killing Titans in a specific manner.

Weapon Blades

The blades you use in battle are rating in three categories, sharpness, blade length and durability. The higher the number for these categories, the better your blade will be. Sharpness directly impacts how much damage you inflict with each attack, blade length determines how close you need to be to hit your target, and durability is how long you can use the blade before needing to replace it on the battlefield.

Sharpness – Generally speaking, sharpness is the least important factor when you’re fighting against Titans. While it determines your maximum damage output, you can already increase your damage by boosting just before you strike a target. Getting more damage from a higher sharpness rating is nice, but shouldn’t be your priority.

Blade Length – If you’re skilled at Attack on Titan, blade length shouldn’t matter much. This impacts how close you need to be to your target before you press the attack button. The higher this rating, the farther away you can be when you attack. Skilled players will have the reaction time to attack properly with even the shortest blade, but if you have trouble hitting your target, you may want to prioritize blade length.

Durability – For most players who know their way around Attack on Titan, durability should be your primary focus when it comes to a new weapon blade. The higher the durability, the longer you can go without needing to change your blade. Things can get pretty heated on the battlefield, and you may be caught having to fight multiple Titans in rapid succession. There are some tips to help you win those battles, but not having to stop and change blades or find a Logistician can be a huge benefit and should be your priority in most cases.

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