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Assassin’s Creed Unity Stealth Tips – Cherry Bombs, Money Pouch

by Prima Games Staff

Paris is a large place, and sometimes you’re not going to be able to take on the entire city guns blazing in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity. This makes sneaking and using these skills extremely important. Upgrade your weapons, unlock new stealth skills and use your bombs to distract enemies all while hiding yourself in plain sight. With that in mind, we have these AC Unity sneaking tips.

Smoke Bombs


One of your most important tools when committing stealthy acts is the Smoke Bomb. If you’re faced with several enemies or you need to quickly sneak up on someone looking in your direction, simply pull this bomb out and toss it at their feet. It will create a thick cloud of smoke which you can then use to stage silent assassinations using your hidden blade.

Cherry Bombs


These tiny distractions are useful for pulling enemies towards corners so you can easily take them down without causing alarm. Pull them out and toss these items where you want the enemy to investigate, then wait for the target to get close. Be careful, as the enemies will not waltz right up to the spot where you detonated the bombs, but will instead stop a meter or so back and look at it for a moment. Be sure to time your attacks and aim your bombs at a location that will set you up for a nice silent kill.

Money Pouch


If you need to get close to multiple enemies with nearby civilians around, or you’re trying to simply create a crowd to slow pursuers down, the Money Pouch is a very useful item. Toss it behind or in front of your enemies and wait for the surprised citizens to move in for free Livres, then sneak in and take down your targets, or just waltz right past them. Either way you play it, this tool of distraction is worth the skill points it requires to unlock.

Environmental Blending


You already know about blending in with crowds, but just in case you’re late to the party, walking into crowds of three or four people will cause Arno to blend in and make him less suspicious to enemies. The Environmental Blending skill takes this a step further, allowing Arno to perform mundane tasks such as sitting on a bench or leaning against a wall to hide in plain sight.

Hidden Blade


Perhaps the most important of all the Assassin devices, the Hidden Blade is a weapon contained along the inner left forearm. With this tiny concealed weapon, Arno can kill unsuspecting enemies from behind, in front or by dropping from the air. This makes it one of the most useful gadgets to take advantage of, especially when trying not to alarm many guards. Simply wait for the perfect opportunity and then shove it straight into your enemy’s body to deal the killing blow.

Phantom Blade


An upgrade to the Hidden Blade, the Phantom Blade allows Arno to shoot a ranged blade from a crossbow-like contraption along the Hidden Blade’s apparatus. This deals an instant death shot, and is perfect for taking out nearby snipers without raising suspicion. An alternative to this device is the Berserk Blade that causes struck enemies to become outraged and attack their fellow Templars. It is useful for creating distractions that when teamed with a well-timed smoke bomb, allows players to bypass several guards in an area.



The Disguise skill allows the player to don an outfit by targeting an enemy. This will allow players to sneak into restricted areas, but be wary, as getting too close to enemy patrols will blow your disguise and raise the alarms. It should also be noted that this skill will allow gamers to disguise their allies in Co-Op mode as well.

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