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Assassin’s Creed Unity Combat Tips – Smoke Bomb, Quick Shot

by Prima Games Staff

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Choosing your weapon is an important part of any combat system, and Assassin’s Creed Unity is no different. But what do you do once you’ve made your choice? It’s time to defend yourself and deal with enemies, without dying of course. That said, we asked our top Assassins to bring you these quick and easy tips to stay alive as long as possible.



While you’re busy dealing massive amounts of damage, your enemies will try to return the favor. In order to prevent them from making you dead, you’ll need to pay attention to their health bars and quickly Parry their attacks when said bar turns yellow. Of course, if you’re playing with your HUD off, you’ll need to take note of their body language and the movement of their arms as they prepare for their attacks.



Now that we have some of the easy stuff out of the way, let’s dive right into dodging. Some attacks will be too strong for Arno to Parry, and in this case you’ll need to Dodge out of the way. Simply choose a direction and press the corresponding button to avoid your enemy’s attack. Once that’s done, take advantage of your staggered foe and land a few precious blows of your own.

Quick Shot


Once you’ve equipped your Phantom Blade or Pistol, you can perform what is called a Quick Shot. Basically whatever target you’re locked onto at the time will receive a sharp blade or a face full of lead. It’s your decision which, and it’s a useful maneuver for taking care of those tough enemies that seem to be able to Parry all your moves.

Smoke Bomb


You’re surrounded, low on health and out of Medicine. What do you do? While we did mention Smoke Bombs in our Stealth Guide, it’s important to note they are also useful for combat. If you’re surrounded by foes, toss a Smoke Bomb and either retreat or attack enemies during the confusion. When combined with Quick Shot, you can easily take down any foe(s).

Poison Bomb


Arno is also equipped with a nifty Poison Bomb that creates a cloud of poisonous gas in the area. This poison inflicts constant damage to any targets in its area of effect, and is very useful when combined with the Rifle’s long distance attacks.

Stun Grenade


Similar to using the Smoke Bombs for taking on large crowds of enemies, the Stun Grenade makes a useful counterpart. This tricky device unleashes a bright flash of light that stuns enemies in its area of effect. This allows the player to quickly deal damage to stunned enemies and in turn take out large groups without much trouble. 

Purchase and Upgrade Weapons


Now that you have the basics down, it’s time to move up the ranks. Each type of weapon holds its own strengths and weaknesses. 

One-Handed weapons, like swords and sabres, allow quick maneuvering and are great for Parrying and dealing damage in quick bursts.

Long weapons, like spears, are slower but deal more damage with each attack. They also have a longer area of reach and allow the player to attack without being as close as they would need to be with a One-Handed or Heavy weapon type.

Heavy weapons, like maces and axes, allow for much greater damage to be dealt, but are slower than Long or One-Handed weapons. This makes them great for combining with health-raising armor as well as dealing with small groups of enemies. If you’re looking to fight several enemies at a time, we highly suggest using a One-Handed weapon type.

Pistols are a good weapon to carry along with One-Handed weapons, as you can easily Quick Shot with them to take enemies out that are impossible to Parry against, or enemies that can easily Parry your attacks. They also make great loud Assassination devices, but we’d rather use our Hidden Blade for that.

Rifles, the final weapon-type that Arno can use, are long distance guns that replace the player’s primary weapon. They can be used to Parry and make great sniping tools. When used with things like Smoke Bombs, Poison Bombs or Stun Grenades, players can easily take out enemies from afar.

Just like with Arno’s other equipment, players can upgrade any weapons they use to increase Damage, Parry, Speed and Range. These four components should be used by players when determining what weapons to purchase and what upgrades to put their Creed Points towards.

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