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Assassin’s Creed Unity Co-op Tips – Distract and Work Together

by Prima Games Staff

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Gone are the days of wandering the streets, alone and bored. It’s time to join your friends and battle the Templars with Assassin’s Creed Unity’s new Co-Op mode. Simply find one of the Co-Op missions on the map and head over to it to get started. On that note, we tapped our brightest scouts to bring you these important pieces of intel every Assassin should know.



Distractions are a wonderful thing, and once you have a teammate watching your back, you’ll want want to take advantage of the new avenues that have been opened for you. If you need to sneak past several guards or even distract a few of the Bluecoats, have one of your team members draw them away using Cherry Bombs and pass through unscathed and unseen. Once you’re inside, any friendlies can lose their pursuers and meet up with you before the guards return to their posts.

Work Together


Multiplayer is all about cooperating with each other, and that means agreeing on movements and exit strategies, especially if you’re dealing with Heists. You’ll want to take advantage of the extra minds you have working alongside you, and plan your route ahead of time. Have one team member attack the left guard while you deal with the one on the right. If you talk and work together on problems, your team is bound to come out with more treasures in hand than if each of you did it alone. 

Stay together


United we stand, divided we fall. This motto couldn’t be truer when it comes to Unity’s new Co-Op mode. Even if you separate for short periods of time to cause distractions or take out guards, you’ll always want to form up to watch each others backs. The closer you stay to your teammates, the more you’re going to know about the environment around you. Break up the area into two or four parts (depending on team size) and each person watch one section for trouble. This will allow you to remain hidden and also allow you to keep tabs on everything going on around you.

Move as One


We’ve all played that game where your teammates just can’t seem to sit still. Well, it’s time to put that to rest. The Co-Op and Heist modes in Assassin’s Creed Unity require that each team member play their part, and if that means sitting still and shutting up while you survey the surrounding area, make it happen. We’re all quick to move at times, but taking that extra second to stick together and move as one can make or break a team on the mean streets of Paris. Do yourself a favor and wait on that slowpoke teammate, because for all you know he’s actually paying attention to the guard patterns and could very well hold the secret on how to reach that chest surrounded by 10 guards in the middle of a wide open room. We’re just saying, take it slow and trust your team.



Flanking is one of the oldest tricks in the book. We know we’ve talked about Moving as One and Staying Together, but now it’s time to take a little space. Have one of your team members station themselves in front of the guards, then while they keep watch, you carefully make your way around the room and behind the guards. Using this technique will allow you to quickly and quietly take out targets, at the same time allowing you to maximize your profits from each mission.

Use Team helping Skills


Throughout the Skills menu you’ll find various useful skills, some of which allow you to aid your teammates in Co-Op mode. 

The Assassin’s Cache allows you to create a small bag that will replenish bombs and other consumables for you and your allies, thereby allowing you to restock your weapons when you start to run low.

The Disguise skill allows you and your allies to take on the look of any target and sneak through checkpoints and into restricted areas without raising alarms. Be careful though, as getting too close to your enemies will cause your disguise to fail.

The Communal Sense skill allows you to share your Eagle Vision with allied players, thus reducing any chance for mistakes on enemy positions. 

The final group skill, Group Healing, allows you to heal all nearby players of some damage. It is very useful when your allies have run low on Medicine.

Each of these skills are great to use depending on the situation you’re in. Make sure your skills benefit the team and always work together. Try to stay as silent as possible, and move without causing chaos as the rewards for Co-op and Heist missions are far greater when completed without detection.

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