Assassin’s Creed Unity Advanced Tips – Solve Murder Mysteries, Helix Rifts

Upgrade the Cafe, customize your HUD and complete the Nostradamus riddles.

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Now that you learned the ropes with our Beginner’s Tips, it’s time to dive deeper into the world of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Whether you’re into killing guards or quietly solving murder mysteries, the game has plenty to offer. With the massive city of Paris stretched before you, there is no limit to what you can accomplish, so don your hood and pick up your sword, it’s time to rush headfirst into the things you should know to become a master Assassin.

Upgrade the Café

Opening chests and looting enemies are not the only ways to collect funds, and you’ll quickly find this out after unlocking the Café Theatre. This area is something you have to micro-manage, but it isn’t hard. All you’ll need to do is interact with the desk in the Intendant’s Study and choose the renovations that you want to apply. They are rather costly at the start, but once you start building income, they aren’t too difficult to afford. Once you’ve fully renovated the Café, the micro-management is done and all you’ll need to do now is occasionally collect your earnings from the chest to the right of the desk. The Café is a good place for Arno to make some extra coin, as any funds raised are deposited into a trusty chest that only he can interact with. Make sure to renovate the café by interacting with the desk in the Intendant’s Study to maximize your profits and make the café more attractive to visitors.

Complete Café Missions


One of the coolest perks to investing time in the Café is the ability to complete various side missions that you receive from Mademoiselle Gouze, the woman you meet near the start of Sequence 3 when you take over the Café.  You can find her sitting at one of the back booth tables with the Café Mission icon over her head; this icon is similar to a Theatre mask set. The missions are quite interesting, ranging from saving damsels in distress to outright murdering people standing in your way. It’s a brilliant way to grab a few extra Synch Points as well as earn extra revenue for the Café, as each mission unlocks a higher profit amount.

Play Co-Op


This one seems like a no-brainer, but there are a lot of people who will ignore the Co-Op mode of AC Unity. If like us you intend to collect everything, Ubisoft doesn’t give you much of a choice. Completion of certain Co-Op missions are required to unlock new equipment, as well as gain more experience for completing your skill unlocks. Of course, you could dismiss Co-Op mode altogether, but why would you when there are so many fantastic unlocks?

Customize your HUD


Your HUD, or Heads up Display, plays a vitally important part in your adventure. It displays your health information, mini-map, mission objective and points you in the correct direction of enemy attacks and suspicion. We highly recommend customizing your HUD by traveling to your Options menu and scrolling down to the HUD Options label. From here, you can choose whether to only hide certain parts of the HUD, show it all, only show critical HUD information or completely hide it. This will allow you to minimize the screen real estate, as well as provide players more of a challenge as they struggle to guess whether they can take that next hit, or if they should escape right now while they have the chance.

Renovate Social Clubs


Throughout the city are several abandoned Social Clubs waiting for someone with a heavy purse to come along and remodel them. Renovating such buildings will up your profit margin in the Café Theatre, as well as offer you several side missions you can complete to continue growing your skills. If you’re looking to purchase heavily marked equipment, this is your best bet to saving up quickly while also having some fun. To renovate Social Clubs, simply travel to the icon and interact it to purchase the renovations.

Complete Paris Stories


You’ll find these stories throughout the game from various citizens in need of help. These missions can vary from simple tasks like taking down posters to even more challenging things like rescuing kidnapped citizens. Accept these missions and complete them to unlock more, as well as earn some hefty payments in Livres. Of course, if you’ve been following our suggestions this far, you should be weighed down with all the coin you’re pulling in from the Café Theatre.

Solve Murder Mysteries


These missions become available after a prisoner asks you to help clean up the city. Locate a mission on the map and travel to it to get started. These missions will reward your thoroughness and good investigative skills with additional income as well as equipment unlocks. To take on a murder case, interact with the icon and accept it. Then you’ll need to search the area using Eagle Vision for any clues that might lead to the culprit. Once you’ve gathered all the evidence, you’ll need to speak with the person you wish to accuse (they’ll be marked by an icon) and choose to accuse them. Be sure to accuse the correct person or you’ll lose some of your reward.

Complete Helix Rifts


Complete the various rifts around the city to gain money and intel. We can’t really go too in depth about rifts because we don’t want to spoil the story. But rifts are basically “breaks” or “gaps” in the code that the Animus uses to create the memories you’re playing. These rifts can be interacted with in order to complete small mini-games that require you to collect data while avoiding tornadoes or falling rocks. Like we said, we can’t give away too much, but they’re worth the time. Gathering data while running for your life from twirling tornadoes is a lot of fun and challenging.

Solve Nostradamus Riddles


If you’re looking for a real challenge, solve the Nostradamus Riddles located throughout Paris. Collecting all of these Fragments will unlock special armor for Arno to equip and use. It’s a great way to kill time and score yourself an expert armor set that will make you look more fearsome than ever. Each Enigma quest that you pick up is made up of several riddles which you must solve in order to find the symbol needed to move on. These riddles lead Arno to certain landmarks and areas. If you solve all of the riddles in one set, you’ll be rewarded with a Fragment that can be used in a secret room located in the Café Theatre’s basement.

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