Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – All Secrets of London Music Box Locations, Precursor Armor

Find all of the music boxes and unlock the Precursor Armor.
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This article will tell you where to find all of the Secrets of London music boxes in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Collect them all and you receive a treasure map leading to Michael Reuge’s Vault, which lets you unlock the Precursor Armor.

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City of London 

Visit the Cockham Merchant’s building, then go behind it and check the roof by the railroad.

You receive this music box while viewing a cut scene as you head inside Reuge’s Vault.

Proceed to Kenway mansion, then travel east into the park. Find the gazebo and take the music box off the park bench.

Stand in front of Herbington’s Tea and you’ll see the music box on a stool.

Find the right red-brick building and look for the music box on the roof. 


Visit the docks and go all the way to the end. The music box is on some rope. 

See the red brick building with the bell tower? The music box is on the roof. 

Find the Synchronization point and you’ll be able to grab the music box from the top of the smokestack. 

Go to the small park and you’ll see the music box resting on a tree stump located on the dirt path.


Go to the northernmost storage container and snoop around for this music box. 

Be on the lookout for a mechanical crane. Look behind this crane and you’ll see a sign that reads Danger. The music box is on a barrel close by.

There’s a tiny workshop made of bricks by the road. The music box is on the shop’s flat roof. 

Head to the railway and look for a building made of yellow bricks. The music box sits on a wooden platform. 

The Strand 

Head to Covent Garden and then south, where you’ll be able to pick up the music box from beneath some stairs.

Now go to the National Gallery, then into the square-shaped tower where this music box resides. 

Proceed into a small park and locate the gazebo, where you’ll see the music box on some luggage. 

There’s a building made of yellow bricks in this location with a balcony covered in ivy. The music box is up there. 


Head near the water and look for a big boat with the English flag. Next to this vessel is a smaller boat, and the music box is on its roof. 

Go to the docks and look for a shop. Get onto the roof and collect the music box.

Travel to the northeast corner of the map and find the long bridge. The music box is on a bench.

This music box is located in the middle of Thames, on a walkway attached to the bridge supports. You’ll see it by a metal door. 


Go to Green Park and then head west, where you’ll see the music box on a tree stump. 

There’s a building made of white and red bricks. Parkour up to the roof and look for a suitcase and tiny lantern. 

Proceed to Victoria Station and find the buildings to the north. The music box sits on a table made of wood. There’s a fire next to it. 

Find the Houses of Parliament and go to the south courtyard. Look for the exit that takes you toward the water. The music box is on a bench. 

Go to Richmond Terrace and get onto the balcony facing east. There you will find this music box. 

When you head into St. James’s Park, walk to the north corner of this location and you’ll see a tiny shack. The music box is on a bench close by. 

Remain in St. James’s Park, but this time go southeast and look for a lantern on top of a crate. 


Take a trip to St. Mary Matfelon cemetery, then check the grave by the tree. 

In the center of the map you’ll see a row of connected buildings. Identify the tallest one, get onto the roof and check ledge to the east.

Go east and you’ll find this music box beneath a window, close to a wooden shed attached to a yellow building. 

For this one, you need to travel to the top of the map and explore its center. The music box sits on the ground by the railroad tracks, near a tiny wooden shack. 

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