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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Vintage Beer Bottle Locations

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you where to find all of the Beer Bottles in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The developers scattered these collectibles across the different bars in the game, and we suggest paying the merchant a visit and buying the drinking guide, which puts every Beer Bottle on your virtual map.

City of London 

There are a total of five Beer Bottles to track down in the City of London. Pick them up in no particular order.

Head to the Public House and then look behind the counter. The Beer Bottle is on the counter in the back.

Go to the Horse and Groom and look for the flag located at the end of this bar. The Beer Bottle is directly beneath this flag.

Check Prince of Wales, then walk over to the table by the fireplace.

You’ll find this Beer Bottle at George and the Dragon. Go behind the bar and examine the furthest corner.

Step inside Seven Bells, then focus your attention to the fireplace mantle towards the right. 


Only two Beer Bottles in this location.

Go to the Public House, then pan the camera right of the bar. The Beer Bottle rests on some barrels.

Go to the other bar and check the tiny counter for the Beer Bottle. 


Proceed to the Duke of York bar, then have a look beneath the table by the front door.

Go into the George bar and take a left. The Beer Bottle is on the table.

The Strand

Make sure you grab all four bottles in this section.

Visit Lord Nelson Bar and check the counter.

Find the Public House and walk towards the sink by the bar’s counter. Now look left.

Go to another Public House and once again look left of the sink.

Slip into the Crow bar, walk to the northernmost corner of the building and have a peek behind the counter. 


There are four Beer Bottles in Westminster, and locating them all shouldn’t be too difficult.

Visit the Queen’s Arms, then find the round table by the entrance.

Stop by the Prince Regent and check the main bar.

Now head to the King’s Arms bar and immediately go towards the table close to the front door.

Go to Prince Albert and the actual bar. The Beer Bottle is behind the bar sitting on the counter. 


The final area only has three Beer Bottles.

Walk into The Cauldron and Stewpot. Walk up to the bar and look left. The Beer Bottle sits on a circular table.

Go to Bashing’s Buttons LTD, then turn around and look across the street to the west. This Beer Bottle is by a cart filled with other bottles.

No need to go into a bar this time. Head to Whitechapel Goose Ale but go behind this building. The Beer Bottle is near a red door.

Find more collectibles and complete every Sequence with the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough and Guide. Then use interactive maps in the Official Assassin’s Creed eGuide.

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