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Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Advanced Tips

by Prima Games Staff

With Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD now available for digital download, players can experience Aveline’s PS Vita adventure in a whole new way, with high-definition visuals and improved gameplay. Yesterday, we provided some beginner’s tips to help get you started in the game. Today, we have advanced tips that will help you along when it comes to making a clean getaway – and living another day to make a few dollars on the side.

Let’s Make an Escape

When it comes to being pursued by guards, escape may be hard to come by, especially if you’re dressed as a Lady. In that situation, find the nearest dress chamber that you come across to get back in your assassin gear. This will give you better mobility when it comes to running away from your adversaries – in case their numbers become too much to fight against. 

As you escape, you might want to stick to higher routes. This includes climbing across trees, towers and rooftops. Some enemies might still be able to see you, but their line of sight is diminished quite a bit, compared to you running on the ground. You may need to time your leaps between buildings to keep your momentum going, but otherwise, if you keep up the pace, you’ll eventually lose them. A heads-up display will indicate when you’re out of an enemy’s range.

Cleaning Things Up

If you decide to stick it out and fight enemies, remember that Chain Kills really go a long way to finishing an enemy off quickly. Also, don’t be afraid to use pistols, even in close quarters. This can incapacitate an enemy, and if you’re surrounded, that can make all the difference.

In addition, once you’re in the clear and have the time to do so, don’t forget to loot guards. Some of them carry quite a bit of money that will help you out in the long run, and maybe even some other goods that you can add to your arsenal, including extra ammunition. You can then use your newfound funds to purchase goods, and make yourself a better assassin in the process. It’s certainly less troublesome than pickpocketing – and in some ways, more rewarding.

Tricks of the Trade

It’ll take you a bit of time before it’s introduced in the game, but trading can help make you a good amount of money in Liberation. This allows you to purchase ships and open up your own trade market, shipping goods to different destinations and profiting as a result.

It’s not a completely risk-free business, as there are times that pirates can ransack your goods and cost you a pretty penny. Fortunately, the system is moderately easy to learn, and you can pick your routes. Become good enough at it, and you’ll be able to avoid pirates almost completely.

The trading screen shows your progress in three different areas. The left icon allows you to set up shipping destinations, the middle one allows you to purchase or sell goods and ships however you please, and the right icon lets you check on its status. Try to get the hang of all three of these as soon as you can, as they play a vital role when it comes to keeping you in business.

Start off small with your shipping business. Don’t overload too much in ships if you’re not familiar with the routes and the goods market. Take your time and learn the basics, then invest further.

Furthermore, invest in rum whenever you can. It’s a great market, and you can get it from Havana rather easily. Natchez will buy a bunch of it off you with very little hassle, adding more coin to your pocket – which you can turn around for goods.

Don’t expect an overnight success with your business, and you’ll make a killing – which is natural because, hey, you are an assassin.


Last but certainly not least, we know a lot of you Assassin’s Creed fans like to explore and find goods. There are plenty hidden throughout Liberation, including Voodoo Dolls, Jewel Broaches and Assassin Coins. Some come rather easily in chests that are out in the open – others take a good amount of time to find, although it certainly pays off.

Keep an eye on your map and, if you have the time, go off the beaten path to find some of these. You’ll be able to track whatever collectibles you find, and if you get them all, you’ll even earn a Trophy/Achievement for your efforts (Persona Collector, worth a Bronze Trophy or 40 Achievement points).

Happy assassinating!

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD is available now for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

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