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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – Top 5 Ways to Earn Loot

by Bryan Dawson

Your success in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag relies heavily on how well outfitted you’ve made the Jackdaw. Upgrading Edward’s weaponry is also important, but you can make it through most of the game without spending much on Edward if you’re skilled enough. Even with that said, it’s still important to have money on hand to perform upgrades early and often. We have the 5 best tips to gain money as quickly as possible.

5.) Create a Fleet in the Mobile App

The companion mobile app for Assassin’s Creed 4 is directly tied to the naval combat in the game. When you plunder a ship, you’ll have the option to add that vessel to Edward’s fleet. This is in reference to the mobile app. The better outfitted your fleet, the easier it is to obtain docks. Once you have all 15 docks and a solid fleet, keep your shipping lanes safe and you’ll bring in a lot of coin with each passing day.

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4.) Find Buried Treasure

While fast travel makes sailing from one side of the sea to other instantaneous, you miss out on a lot of looting opportunities. One such opportunity is random buried treasure. You’ll find maps on vacant islands and even in town in some situations. You’ll even find chests scattered across small islands in the sea. To make these locations easier to find, take down the various forts in each map grid to uncover all of the details found in and around the area.

While you’re exploring the smaller islands, you can also hunt the wildlife to earn a little bit of extra money. It won’t be a lot in the grand scheme of things, but every little bit helps, and you’ll already be on the smaller islands for other matters. Consider this two birds with one stone.

3.) Complete Assassin Contracts

There are a plethora of contracts Edward can accept in almost every town he visits. These contracts don’t bring in as much loot as you may like, but they are generally easy to complete and can be done in rapid succession. The loot adds up quickly for such an easy task, and you’ll improve your stealth and melee combat skills in the process.

While you’re fulfilling the contracts, you may come across warehouses and other facilities that can be plundered. Take these opportunities when they come because they pay off well for the minimal amount of effort required to take them down. Keep a close eye on the town maps to find these locations, as well as the locations of the chests scattered throughout each town.

2.) Whale Hunting

Another great way to earn money by exploring the sea is to partake in frequent whaling adventures. Animal skins sell for a moderate amount, but whale skins can earn you quite a bit of loot, especially if you’re good at whaling and can bring in several skins in a short period of time. This is also one of the safest ways to earn some coin since you don’t combat anyone other than whales.

1.) Naval Combat

Assassin’s Creed 4 focuses quite a bit on naval combat, so it should come as no surprise that it’s one of the primary ways to earn money in the game. The one catch is that the amount of loot you obtain is directly proportionate to the difficulty of taking down your target. The higher level ships hold far more loot and are much more lucrative, but you also need a heavily upgraded Jackdaw to take them down. Start small and work your way up to the higher level ships as you upgrade the Jackdaw.

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