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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Multiplayer Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag offers an engaging single player experience that will probably take you several days, if not a full week to complete. When you’re done with the single player portion of the game, you can move on to the multiplayer mode. Going up against other players is far more challenging than defeating AI opponents, so here are a few tips to make things easier.


Unlike competing multiplayer games, your kill count in Assassin’s Creed 4 is not what determines who wins a multiplayer set. Instead, it’s your score that matters more than anything else. Because of this, it’s important to look at what gives you a higher score and focus on those aspects, rather than going for blind kill streaks.

Keep a close eye on your Approach Meter. It directly relates to how many points you’ll earn for each kill. If you rush towards a target and score a messy kill, you may only get 100 points. However, if you make a stealthy approach, taking your time for the hidden kill, you can earn as much as 450 points.

You earn a lot of points for hitting an opponent with a poison dart. Use these early and often because it doesn’t matter where you are when you hit a target with the dart. Normally your points are limited when attacking from an aerial position, but you get a full 300 points anytime you successfully use the poison dart. The only way to earn more points is by killing a target with an optimal Approach Meter.

Stun targets as often as you can. You earn 200 points every time you stun a target. If you kill a target within 10 seconds of stunning him or her, you’ll earn a chain bonus of 50 points. You should also pay attention to ways you can multiply your score, such as killing from a bench to triple your multiplier, or killing from a hidden location to double your multiplier.

Always be Moving

The best way to look at multiplayer in AC4 is to remember that your opponents will probably use similar tactics to your own. That means that while you’re tracking a target and attempting to keep yourself hidden, your opponents are doing the same thing. Because of this, it’s important to always remain on the move.

Don’t draw attention to yourself by running from place to place, but you should not remain stationary for long periods of time. In fact, unless you’re about to score a kill, you should always be moving in some way. Even if it’s walking around like an NPC so you blend in more with your surroundings. Just be careful not to turn the camera too much. Your character’s head will turn every time you move the camera around. Astute players will notice this.

Stay Hidden

It’s important to stay hidden for numerous reasons. You earn more points for killing a target from a hiding spot, and you want to remain hidden from your opponents for as long as possible. However, there are other perks to finding the best hiding spots.

It’s difficult to find an opponent if they’re hiding. However, if an opponent is hiding in a haystack, you can jump in the hay to force the opponent out. Not only will this reveal an opponent, it will also set up an easy kill and grant you a bonus for killing a target while hiding.

You get additional bonuses for killing a target while hiding on a bench or while blending in with the crowd. There’s no downside to hiding as much as possible, aside from the loss of time while you stalk your prey. However, if you earn several bonuses with each kill, it will more than make up for the additional time spent hiding.

Take the High Ground

As with the single player game, it’s almost always beneficial to have the high ground. Not only are you harder to spot, but you can easily distinguish your targets. You won’t be able to earn as many points for killing enemies from rooftops, but once you’ve spotted a target, you can climb down and finish the job from the ground.

While it’s easier for other players to see you if you’re prancing around on rooftops, this can work in your favor as well. Use the elevation to find your target as quickly as possible, and alert other players to your location. Once you feel this is done, quickly hide in a nearby area. With your opponents drawn to the area after spotting you on the rooftop, you’ll only need to pick them off. They’ll come to you, so finding them will be considerably easier.

Keep in mind that you earn bonus points for hitting targets with poison darts. This works even if you’re at a higher elevation, which more than makes up for any lost points. However, if an opponent has darts, they can tag you from the ground and earn a lot of bonus points. You have to be careful when using the rooftop tactic, but it can pay off if executed perfectly.

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