You’ll get into all sorts of trouble playing Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, particularly when it comes to sailing the high seas in Edward Kenway’s Jackdaw. Sinking ships brings attention, and before long, your wanted level is bound to rise.  Never fear. Here are three surefire ways to reduce the heat. 

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  • Desynchronize. This will automatically reset your wanted level to incognito.
  • Bribe a local officer, which resets your wanted level. Thankfully, you’ll run into officers throughout the game while visiting towns and villages. Look for one near a harbormaster and conquered forts. Just keep in mind that you’ll pay a higher price depending on the level. Wanted level 1 costs 200R, wanted level 2 is 400R, wanted level 3 is 600R and wanted level 4 is 800R.
  • Board a ship and choose the option to lower your wanted level. Doing this makes it decrease by one grade.

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