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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag- How to Find the White Jaguar

by Prima Games Staff

Fellow humans pose quite a threat in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. If you’re in the mood for more dangerous game, you can set off through the Caribbean in search of ferocious animals, including the White Jaguar.  The elusive beast is quite difficult to track down. That is, if you don’t have these tips. 

Turns out, the White Jaguar only appears in two locations: Great Inagua and Cayman Sound. 

While exploring Great Inagua, head to the southwest, deep in the jungle. Be sure to have your pistol ready, and blast the jaguar from a safe distance.

The second opportunity occurs on Cayman Sound during Templar Hunt 01: Opia Apito. During Mission 01, accept Opia’s challenge to skin more animals than she can. Continue skinning hutia’s until the White Jaguar attacks.

From Prima’s AC4 eGuide:

Don’t try to follow her [Opia] for the first kill, as she will get it before you no matter what. Instead, run to the beach to the northwest and take down your first hutia with a pistol snap shot. Skin it, then sprint back to the south. When you reach the search zone at the waypoint, use Eagle Vision to spot another hutia and forcibly separate the animal from its skin. Repeat this until a White Jaguar automatically attacks you. React swiftly to the on-screen button prompts, then run to the safety of the tree. The predator cannot reach you from such a vantage point. Patiently aim at it with your pistol, then fire when you have a clear shot.

For more tips, read our AC4 Hunting Guide.

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