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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag- How to Find the Treasure Maps

by Prima Games Staff

Ubisoft’s detailed pirate adventure, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, contains side quests that give gamers a break from the enjoyable single player campaign. You’re free to hunt a variety of animals on land and sea; read Prima’s AC4 Hunting Guide. In addition, you’re able to search for buried treasure throughout the Caribbean, but first you’ll need to find all of the treasure maps.  

Leave that to us. Below, you’ll find the locations of each map, along with the buried chest locations and most of the sweet riches held within. 

Stuck? Read our free AC4 walkthrough, and unlock the eGuide to achieve 100 percent completion.

Havana- You’ll find this map near a General Store north of Cathedral. The coordinates are 240,607, which lead to the Havana beach just south of the city. The reward includes the design plan for Queen Anne’s Figurehead and 3,000R. 

Great Inagua- Look for the map on the west side of the cove, but you’ll need to partake in a tree-based free run course located southwest of where you anchored the Jackdaw. Reach the top of the rock wall and slide down the bank to find the map. It leads to Nassau (coordinates 633,784). You’ll receive a design plan for the Grey Sails and 3,000R. 

Isla Providencia- Watch out for a crocodile before making a grab for the map. Coordinates point to 525,253 in Long Bay, but you won’t be able to access it until Sequence 10 is complete. Fast Travel to the Viewpoint on the beach near the caves, then collect 4,000R. 

Cape Bonavista- Definitely one of the easiest maps and treasures to find. Look for the map on the beach and then follow the directions into a nearby cave a short jog away. From there, claim the 1,500R reward. 

Petite Caverne- Look for the map on the west side of the cavern, then head to Tulum. Look for the dig site on the south beach and collect 4,000R.

Ambergris Key- Once you emerge from the dive, the treasure map is located on the northwest side of chamber; you’ll need to kill enemies first. It will point you towards Misteriosa (coordinates 307,195). The chest is close to some ruins and the Viewpoint. You’ll find the Elite Heavy Shot design plan and 3,000R. 

Anotto Bay- We hope you survived this underwater maze. The map leads to Principe (coordinates 992,442).

Misteriosa- You’ll find this map below the Mayan Stela to the east. It takes you to Kingston (coordinates 623,172).  Open the chest to collect the design plan for the Blackwood Wheel customization and 3,000R. 

Pinos Isle- The map is east of the Viewpoint and leads to Cayman Sound (coordinates 327,334). The chest contains 4,000R. 

Tortuga- This map, located on the east beach, takes you to Matanzas (coordinates 333,650). Inside the chest, you’ll find the Elite Mortar Storage upgrade and 3,000R.

Abaco Island- The map is found to the southwest and points towards Salt Lagoon (coordinates 749,625). Collect the Serpent Figurehead design plan and 3,000R. 

Corozal- You should have little trouble finding the treasure map on this relatively small location. It leads you to Ambergris Key (coordinates 58,183), but you can’t visit until Sequence 06. Once inside, swim to the chamber containing ancient ruins. Check the sandy area to find the dig site and the chest containing 4,000R. 

lle a Vache- Walk to the northeast beach to find the map. Now travel to Jiguey (coordinates 565,539). It’s a cave located to the west of the fort at Gibara. The dig spot is near a coconut tree, and there’s 4,000R inside the chest.

Andreas Island- This treasure map is located on the southern tip of the island. It’s time to head to Abaco Island (coordinates 606,835). The chest contains 4,000R. 

Salt Lagoon- Walk to the northeast beach and collect the treasure map. It points you to New Bone (coordinates 442,118). You won’t be able to visit this warehouse location until Sequence 04.  Inside the chest is 4,000R.

Santanillas- The map is on the northwest beach, and leads to San Juan (coordinates 479,487). You can’t go there until Sequence 06, and once you do, the chest contains the Elite Fire Barrel Strength upgrade and 3,000R. 

Cumberland Bay- Look for the map on the southeast beach near a rowboat. Prepare to visit Pinos Isle (coordinates 335,468).  Inside the chest is the design plan for the Aquila’s Wheel and 3,000R. 

Mariguana Island- The map is inside of a cave on the west side of the island. It takes you to Andreas Island (coordinates 579,720).  The chest contains 3,000R and the design plan for the Elite Harpoon upgrade. 

Cayman Sound- Check for the map on the northeast of the island. Now go to Petite Cavern (coordinates 901,263). Open the chest to discover 3,000R and the Elite Heavy Shot Storage design plan. 

Kenway’s Fleet

You need to reach Sequence 04 to unlock this online-only metagame. Once you do, complete missions to gain rewards, including treasure maps that point you to these locations. 

Cumberland Bay- Chest contains 4,000R. 

Isla Providencia- We’re not sure what’s inside this chest. Have you opened it?

Anotto Bay- Chest contains 4,000R. Look for it near a ladder leading to the cave exit.

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