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Asphalt Street Storm Racing – How to Win, Tips and Tricks

by Josh Hawkins

There are a lot of little tricks that go into winning the more difficult races in Asphalt Street Storm Racing, and if you want to become a dragster champion, then you’re going to need to have every single advantage at your disposal. In this article we’ll go over some of the most helpful Asphalt Street Storm Racing tips and tricks we can offer to help you get started in the game, as well as some helpful tips to assist you on your journey to become the champion of the drag racing world. You’ll know how to win in Asphalt Street Storm Racing soon enough!

Like many mobile games, you can purchase premium currency in Asphalt Street Storm Racing that will speed up your progression. This guide does not rely on any type of “premium” advantages, which means you’ll be able to use all these tips without spending a single cent!

Learn How to Get a Perfect Start

Perfect Starts are really important because they allow you to get off the starting line with a lot of momentum and power that can be really useful throughout the rest of the race. When paired with Perfect Shifts, your ride can pull out its maximum power, which will mean victory in most cases. If you still find yourself struggling with winning despite getting a Perfect Start, then it may be time to upgrade your car and add some more power.

We’ve already written an entire guide on how to get Perfect Starts, which will really help you along your way to becoming the drag racing champion of the world. Be sure to check that our for in-depth details about this in-game mechanic.

Learn How to Perfect Shift

Like Perfect Starts, Perfect Shifts are the next best way to improve your racing and make sure your car is giving all it can in a race. We’ve covered this topic very in-depth in our guide on how to get Perfect Shifts, but we’ll also touch on it lightly here.

Pay attention to the needle on your speedometer when you’re racing, and try to hit the shift up button when you see it pass into the green. This will allow you to shift gears perfectly, which means less slowdown when switching to a higher gear. Earning Perfect Shifts throughout a race can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Use Your Nitro Wisely

Just because you have Nitro does not mean you should use it, and we often see other racers letting their boost go at the wrong times. The effect of the Nitro is limited, and while it does offer a nice little boost, you should use it responsibly to assure you’re getting the most out of it. The best time to use your Nitro is to activate it in between gears two and three. This lowers the amount of time to shift to third, which means you’ll be hitting those higher gears before your opponents, which will help you stay in the lead.

Balance the Upgrades

Upgrading your car is an important aspect of Asphalt Street Storm Racing, but there is a such thing as upgrading too much. You should always try to balance out your upgrades, and even them out across all the categories, as prioritizing one upgrade path could lead to an unstable vehicle that is much harder to control. For example, if you have too many upgrades in your engine and torque, then wheel spin is going to become a much harder problem to control, which means you’ll lose precious seconds at the start of each race. Balance these upgrades out, and keep things evenly dispersed to ensure the smoothest ride possible.

Balance your vehicle’s upgrades, learn how to get those Perfect Shifts and Perfect Starts, and use your Nitro wisely. If you can remember these four tips, then you’ll be well on your way to becoming a much better racer in Asphalt Street Storm Racing.