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Find out some great strategies for playing and winning in the Hoops mini-game in ARMS!

There are several mini-games in ARMS for the Nintendo Switch. You can play them in Party Mode, Versus Mode or Grand Prix Mode which means you’ll probably run into these mini-games often. One of these mini-games is Hoops. This article covers ARMS Hoops tips so you know how to play Hoops in ARMS and how to score in Hoops as well. While some aspects of Hoops in ARMS are easy to follow, there are some Hoops tips that can help you become a much better player. Let’s take a closer look at how to play Hoops in ARMS and how to win in Hoops!

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How to Play

Hoops is basically basketball if it were played with ARMS characters instead of a basketball. The mini-game takes place on a half court stage with ARMS characters facing off against one another. Default setting are set to declare the winner as the first person to hit 10 points or more.

Just like in normal basketball, any shot made from beyond the 3-point arc is counted as three points, while shots made within the 3-point arc are counted as two points. You don’t need to worry about stepping out of bounds or any other traditional basketball rules.

How to Score

There are two ways you can score in Hoops. The first is by grabbing your opponent with a throw. You will automatically attempt to score a basket following a grab. If you’re close to the hoop you’ll go for a dunk or 2-point shot. If you’re beyond the arc you’ll go for a 3-pointer. You are not guaranteed to score every single time you “shoot” but 2-point shots have a slightly higher chance of going in compared to 3-point shots. Both shots have a fairly high chance of going in, but don’t be surprised if you miss once or twice in a match.

The second way you can score is by landing a Rush attack (super move) on the opponent. The final hit of the Rush attack will knock the opponent against the bouncy sidelines of the court and up toward the hoop. In our many games of Hoops we have yet to see any Rush-powered shots miss, but we can’t yet confirm if it’s 100 percent guaranteed.

Hoops Tips

Rush Attacks (Super Moves)

Most players just go for grab after grab in an attempt to score a basket. This is not a good idea. Instead, wait for your opponent to go for a grab, dodge, then go for a grab yourself. If you find that you’re not fast enough or too far away to land your grab, go for a single punch instead. Remember, you can score if you land a Rush attack (super move), and you can fill the super meter by throwing punches out. The more punches you throw the faster your super meter will fill, but don’t be reckless.

Once you have a full super meter your opponent can’t attack you. As soon as you see them throw a punch or go for a grab you can activate your Rush attack and punch right through their attack. This is why you shouldn’t worry about going for grabs all the time. As long as you dodge well, even if you miss your counter punch, eventually you’ll have a super attack ready to go.


If you’re playing a character that moves toward the opponent when you land a throw, positioning isn’t super important. However, if you character pulls the opponent to your current position when you land a throw, try to stay outside of the 3-point arc so you can land a 3-pointer. Likewise, if your opponent’s character moves to your position after landing a throw, try to stay inside the 3-point line so you limit the opponent to only 2-pointers.


If you are up in points, especially if you lead by more than three points, don’t be in a rush. You can hang back and just dodge your opponent’s attacks without taking any risks. If you lead by four points or more your opponent needs to score at least two baskets to catch up.  That takes a decent amount of time and Hoops matches don’t last very long. It may not be the most noble thing to do, but if you have a lead, just sit back for an easy win.

Arm Selection

Generally speaking you want to go for Light or Medium weight Arms when playing Hoops. You want to be able to quickly dodge and counter your opponent’s attacks. With Heavy Arms this can be difficult. In addition, if you’re trying to land a Rush attack it’s much easier to connect the super move with lighter and faster Arms. Electric element Arms also work very well if you can connect a charged attack because this shocks the opponent and allows you to land a grab if you’re close enough.

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