Armored Core 6 Intercept the Corporate Forces Battle Log Location

How to find the Battle Log in "Intercept the Corporate Forces"


Armored Core 6 collectibles include findable Combat Logs that can be obtained by destroying specific enemies. One such elusive Battle Log is found in the mission “Intercept the Corporate Forces,” which features a unique enemy that drops the collectible. Here is how to obtain the combat log in this mission.

Intercept the Corporate Forces Combat Log Location in AC6

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In the early/middle part of Chapter 5, players must choose between the two missions, “Eliminate Cinder Carla” or “Intercept the Corporate Forces.” You will need to choose the latter to obtain the Battle Log.

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At the very start of the mission, your mech will be tasked with eliminating the assimilated corporate craft. Before you head off to complete the mission, instead, go to the glass roof/awning that shrouds the city below. While the mission waypoint will be directly below you, make sure you land on the platform above.

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As you land on the glass structure, a “New LC” enemy will quickly zoom in to intercept you. You must defeat this challenging mech to obtain the combat log.

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The LC’s main attack will unleash a salvo of homing rockets, which you will need to dodge or block, depending on your build.

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While the way you defeat the mech will ultimately depend on your build, I have personally found the combination of the Gatling Gun and the Stun Needle Launcher to be extremely overpowered, especially in 1v1 battles.

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Continue evading the LC’s rockets and waiting for opportunities to strike, as the enemy moves quickly.

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Once you have successfully whittled down the New LC’s health, you will obtain the combat log and a bonus of 40,000 COAM. Make sure to reach the next checkpoint without dying and proceed to finish the mission.

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