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ARK Fjordur Crystal Locations Map Guide

Here is where to find Crystal locations in ARK

by Jesse Vitelli

As Ark Survival Evolved continues to add more areas and new expansions, players are left trying to find where key resource spots on the map are as new items to craft and gather mean finding these new material’s locations. Here are some locations for crystals in the Ark Fjordur expansion.

ARK Fjordur Crystal Locations Map Guide

Crystals are used at key junctures to upgrade, craft, and expand your arsenal in ARK Survival Evolved. You’ll need to locate a bunch of them first, and this can be grueling if you don’t know the correct spots to look for crystals. So below, we have listed a bunch of coordinates of known crystal spawns for you to use to mine to your heart’s content.

  • (26.5, 44.7) On the mountaintop, you will find some violet crystals
  • (36.0, 96.4) Here is another mountain where you’ll find some of these crystals
  • (8.1, 46.6) Here, slightly above the center of the map, you’ll find an overabundance of crystals to farm. Seriously, this is an excellent spot if you run around this mountain. You’ll gather quite a large assortment of them.
  • (13.9, 72.7) This spot is found in the upper right corner of the map, just north of the lake before the forest. You’ll find a healthy supply of crystals here.
  • (48.8, 65.0) Just south of the previous coordinates lies an area with three small lakes. Run around this entire area to find the largest set of crystals than any of the previous spots.

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All of these locations will net you a ton of crystals allowing you to craft whatever your heart desires. Just keep rotating around the above coordinates to keep gathering and obtaining all of the crystals you’ll need in ARK.

That’s everything you need to know about crystal locations. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Prima Games. If you’re checking out the Fjordur expansion, you might need to know the location of the teleporter.

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