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Are There Power Node Doors in Dead Space Remake? – Answered

Taking away your power wasn't super fun anyway.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Isaac Broken Hallway

Dead Space Remake makes a ton of changes from its original counterpart, both to fit modern audiences and simply because it’s better in its new form. The original Dead Space is a groundbreaking and incredible game in its own right, but many features haven’t aged quite so well, and what’s been changed have been good changes. One infamous part of the original game has fans wondering if its been changed in the new installment. Here’s whether there are power node doors in Dead Space Remake.

Are Power Node Doors Present in the Dead Space Remake?

For the unaware, Power Node Doors were a feature in the original game. While exploring the Ishimura, you would come across doors that would take a power node to open, but would house some very valuable loot inside. This always left you with a choice, as power nodes could be used to upgrade certain stats on your weapons and suit. It depended a lot on your supplies at the time, though when done, was always a shame to throw them away.

If you weren’t a fan of these doors, then you’ll be happy to know they’ve been completely gutted from Dead Space Remake. The closest thing we have now are locked doors that can be opened by destroying small purple power bricks. If you ask us, this is a great change as it allows you to focus on leveling your gear as much as possible, all without the fear of needing to throw some nodes away.

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Power nodes can be used towards a variety of small upgrades, or in some cases, greatly improved stats like reload speed and fire rate. Focusing on these big upgrades is crucial in the remake, as without them, you’ll be far below full strength. Now get out there and make necromorphs face the brunt of your fully upgraded arsenal.

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