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Are There Bots in Call of Duty: Mobile? The Answer

by Nicholas Barth

Call of Duty: Mobile has already become one of the most popular games in the world in the short amount of time it has been available for players to download and play. This particular entry in the legendary first-person shooter franchise combines features, weapons, characters, maps, and more from several of the series’ entries into one experience for the community to enjoy wherever they would like. However, the community has been curious about one question regarding Call of Duty: Mobile. Does it have bots?

Call of Duty: Mobile Bots

At the time of this writing, Call of Duty: Mobile does not officially have bots in any of its game modes. Unless the developers of the popular game have hidden bots in the game, all of the other players you will face in the new title will be actual human beings. 

It is not too surprising to see some members of the community suspect there being non-human players in the new Call of Duty when other high-profile games have or will soon be utilizing AI-controlled characters in their multiplayer game modes.   

Call of Duty Mobile Bots

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has players playing against bots when they are first starting and reduces the number of them that someone plays against the more skilled they become. This will also be the case for Fortnite Season 11. Epic Games will be adding bots to the battle royale game’s next season to help newer players to hone their skills. Fortunately for those who do not want these AI-controlled characters in the latest Call of Duty title, you will be matched with and against other actual players.

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