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Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown Start Time

by Nicholas Barth

There will no doubt be a great deal of excitement in the Apex Legends community on Tuesday, October 1st with Season 3 of the battle royale game scheduled to take begin. This great deal of excitement has led to many players asking one question. What time does it start?

Have you been searching for the start time of Apex Legends Season 3? If so, be sure to check out all of the details regarding when you will be able to begin playing the next chapter of the title below.

What Time Does Apex Legends Season 3 Start?

Apex Legends Season 3 Start Time

Players can expect to see the Season 3: Meltdown update for Apex Legends go live at 10 AM PST/ 12 PM CST/ 1 PM EST on Tuesday, October 1st. The reasoning for this is that the majority of updates for the battle royale title launch at this start time. There will likely be a massive influx of players trying to jump in to play all of the new content at the Apex Legends Season 3 start time. As a result, some players may find it difficult to play right at this moment. 

Those who dive into all of the new action on October 1st will be able to try out the latest legend known as Crypto who will be bringing his hacker skills to the battlefield. A new map known as World’s Edge will also be available for the community to chase victories on. A whole new Battle Pass will also become available for players to purchase and unlock new cosmetic items from when the start time for Apex Legends Season 3 arrives. There will also possibly some major gameplay changes made to characters or items.

How excited are you for Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown to start at its official release time on October 1st? Let us know over on Twitter and Facebook!  

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