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Apex legends Loot Room Vault Key – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

Season 3: Meltdown has arrived in Apex Legends. This new period of content has brought plenty of changes to the battle royale game. One of these changes was the addition of the new World’s Edge map. There is plenty for Apex Legends players to explore on World’s Edge and one of the most sought after areas on World’s Edge is of the new loot room variety. This type of location has a wide range of extremely powerful loot waiting for players to secure it. However, you will need a vault key to gain access to these areas. 

Apex Legends Loot Room Vault Key

According to the official gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown, players can find a vault key for a loot room by shooting down a drone which will drop the item. It remains to be seen if there are any other methods for obtaining a loot room vault key. The reasoning for why the community does not know for sure if there are different ways to acquire a vault key is because each of these rooms on the Apex Legends is currently locked and keys are not yet available. 

Apex Legends Loot Room Vault Key

The rooms on the map of the battle royale have a timer counting down. This timer currently has each loot room scheduled to become available for a player to use a vault key on Wednesday, October 9th. 

It does seem a tad strange Respawn Entertainment would show off these features in the gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown and then not have them available until eight days after the launch of the new season. However, Respawn could be planning something big for players to experience when the timer for each room finally hits zero. 

We will continue to update this article with any new information regarding the Apex Legends loot room and vault key features when it becomes available. 

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