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Apex Legends Crypto Survey Beacon Trick

by Lucas White

As of the latest, sixth Season of EA and Respawn’s battle royale shooter Apex Legends, the use of the Survey Beacon has been expanded. Before, only players using Pathfinder were able to make use of Survey Beacons, which help you figure out the match’s next rotation early. But now, players can also use the Survey beacon if they’re playing with Bloodhound or Crypto. And Crypto players have discovered a unique way to make this tool more efficient.

Crypto Survey Beacon Tip for Apex Legends

So, normally, to use the Survey Beacon in Apex Legends there’s a risk involved. You have to stand out in the open and interact with the device, which can take a good four seconds. You have to leave yourself vulnerable in exchange for that vital information. But Crypto has a little friend in the form of a drone, that happens to also be able to use the Survey Beacons.

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So instead of having to go up and take the personal risk, Crypto players can merely get close to one, then send the drone out to scan it for them. The drone is still vulnerable to being shot, but that’s a heck of a lot better than getting knocked out of the game. As an added bonus, the drone scans the Survey Beacon much faster, barely taking a second, opposed to the three or four seconds you need normally. It does this because using the drone cancels the normal animation, and as we all know getting stuck in animations in competitive games can be a death sentence.

Crypto’s drone can go about 200 meters away from the player, which is a pretty solid distance! And even if the drone does get destroyed, if you can get out of danger the drone will respawn after a cooldown period of around 10 to 15 seconds. Not bad!

This isn’t the most game-making tip in the world, but it’s a clear advantage Crypto has, that can really help a team with him on it. Considering how limited using the Survey Beacon already is among the pool of available Legends, that little boost gives some much-needed extra value to Crypto.

Are you feeling this advantage as a dedicated Crypto player? Or are you more annoyed you’ll have to look out for drones if you come across a Survey Beacon? Are you enjoying Apex Legends Season 6 so far? Let us know what your opinion is over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!