The time has finally arrived! Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown is now available for players to dive into and enjoy. A few of the most significant changes made to Apex Legends with the Season 3 update were the additions of Crypto and the World's Edge map. However, Respawn Entertainment also brought a new Charge Rifle weapon for players to use in their arsenals amid combat. 

Have you been looking for information regarding the new Charge Rifle? If so, be sure to check out everything you need to know about this powerful weapon below.

Apex Legends Charge Rifle

Apex Legends Charge Rifle

Players will notice that this particular gun is a sniper rifle that utilizes energy ammo. This gun charges a beam to full power before unleashing it on a player's enemy. 

There are a wide variety of attachments available in Apex Legends that can be equipped to the Charge Rifle to make it even more deadly in the hands of a player. 

You can find all of these attachments below:

  • 1x Holo
  • 1x HCOG "Classic"
  • 2x HCOG "Bruiser"
  • 1x - 2x Variable Holo
  • 6x Sniper
  • 3x HCOG "Ranger"
  • 2x - 4x Variable AOG
  • 4x - 8x Variable Sniper
  • 4x - 10x Digital Sniper Threat
  • Extended Energy Magazine
  • Sniper Stock

The base ammo capacity for the gun is 4 shots. Players can increase this amount with various versions of the extended energy magazine to 5,6, and 7 shots.

There is no doubt that there will be plenty of Apex Legends players trying out the Charge Rifle and seeing what kind of highlight moments they can achieve with the newest weapon to be added to the battle royale game. 

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