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Tips For Quickly Leveling Up in Anthem

by Prima Games Staff

To be a Freelancer in Anthem, you’ll need a powerful exosuit, high powered weapons, and plenty of skill. Becoming the best means earning experience and rise through the levels. With higher levels, you’ll be able to better explore the world of Bastian and face its dangers.

There are a variety of ways to earn experience in Anthem, thereby progressing to more challenging contracts and missions. By leveling up and acquiring more powerful weapons, you’ll be able to take on any threat Bastion has in store for you.

Finish the Campaign Missions

Taking on story missions has a few advantages. The first is that it provides you with a deeper understanding of Anthem’s world, its characters, and lore. Second, you’ll earn powerful weapons and gear for taking down bigger enemies. Lastly, going through the missions will provide a structured way to earn loads of experience. There are plenty of campaign missions to keep you engaged for a long while, and you’ll progress swiftly while playing.

Take on Contracts

As a Freelancer, you’ll be able to accept a multitude of contracts. Lucky for you, there are a ton of people at Fort Tarsis who need help. Speaking to some of them will lead to contracts, but there’s also a bulletin board located near Yarrow that you can check out. Contracts are side missions that aren’t necessarily connected to the campaign, but they’ll provide plenty of weapons, gear and experience.

Fly Into Freeplay

If you’re in the mood for something less structured, then freeplay is the answer. This mode lets you explore the world of Anthem while picking up resources for crafting along the way. There will also be events to complete alongside other players. These multiplayer events will help you earn experience without having to sit through cutscenes or keep track of plot elements.

The key to leveling up in Anthem is staying busy. Adventure with friends, complete missions, and exploring the world with friends will continually add to your progression. By working through the grind, you’ll be fighting in the big leagues before you know it.

Good luck out there, Freelancer.

Prima Games Staff

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