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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – How to Get More Visitors

by Josh Hawkins

Animal Crossing has finally made its way to mobile devices, and Nintendo’s latest mobile game brings the town simulation hybrid to life in a great new way. The game still works similar to its predecessors, in that players will need to interact with animals and draw them into their town. This time the town has been replaced by a camp, which you’ll need to improve and expand as you level up. Today we’ll show you how to get more visitors to your camp in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, which will require you to complete specific requirements and requests.

How to Get More Visitors

Getting more visitors in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is simply a matter of completing requests, meeting certain requirements, and putting yourself out there. If you want to level up your character, and continue adding to your contacts, then you’re going to need to convince animals to visit your camp and enjoy the amenities that you have to offer.

Meet New People

The first step to getting more visitors is to meet new contacts. This can be done by traveling to different places on the map. To open up the map, simply look down at the menu along the bottom of your screen and tap on the MAP icon.

This screen will show you various areas around your camp where animals might appear, as well as which areas animals are currently visiting. You’ll also be able to see check marks beside the animals whose requests you can fulfill at that moment, but we’ll touch on that a bit more in a moment.

Once you have found an area on the map with a new animal, head that way by tapping on the icon. Once there you can talk to them to find out what requests they currently have available.

Fulfill Requests

Once you’ve met some new contacts, you’ll need to raise your friendship level with them. This can be done easily by talking to them and simply completing the requests that they give you. One you’ve reached a certain friendship level with them, you’ll be able to invite them to your camp, and this will bring up a list of requirements that you will need to reach in order to get them to actually visit your camp.

Once you fulfill those requirements, and have completed a few requests, you’ll be able to invite animals to visit your camp. Once they visit, you can talk to them, and increase your friendship even more, making your relationship with them that much stronger. Just keep in mind that the requirements will vary from animal to animal, and you may even need to build specific items for your camp.

Be sure to check out our guides on how to increase friendship in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for more details on how to make more friends in Nintendo’s latest mobile hit.

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