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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Acorn DIY Recipes List

by Lucas White

Starting today, is the month of September. Hooray! More importantly, it’s also a new month in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And as we transition from Summer to Fall, we’re going to run into new seasonal events and items. The most noticeable seasonal feature introduced in September is acorns. Yes, it’s time to get hyped about squirrel food. If you collect enough acorns while you’re out and about, you can change them into a collection of new items you couldn’t get a hold of before.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Acorns Guide

If you’re playing in the Northern Hemisphere, acorns have appeared starting today, and will be available through October 31. If you picked the Southern Hemisphere, you’ve already missed your chance back when New Horizons launched in March/April. To find acorns, you simply need to shake trees. It seems like the drop rate isn’t super high, so it might take a while to get the number you need. Also, acorns only fall from hardwood trees. 

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Acorns contribute to a list of seasonal items, which have to be crafted through DIY recipes. To start, you’ll actually receive one from Isabelle if you log in on September 1, the Tree’s Bounty Little Tree. Here’s a list of the other items, as well as the ingredients you need:

  • Tree’s Bounty Little Tree – 6 Pinecone, 4 Acorn, 1 Hardwood
  • Tree’s Bounty Mobile – 2 Pinecone, 3 Acorn, 3 Tree branch
  • Tree’s Bounty Lamp – 6 Acorn, 4 Clay
  • Traditional Balancing Toy – 4 Acorn, 2 Hardwood
  • Yellow Leaf Pile – 3 Acorn, 5 Clump of Weeds
  • Acorn Pochette – 6 Acorn
  • Tree’s bounty big tree – 6 Pinecone, 4 Acorn, 4 Maple leaf, 4 Clay
  • Tree’s Bounty Arch – 4 Pinecone, 5 Acorn, 5 Maple Leaf, 15 Tree branch

Looks like it’s officially the holiday season in New Horizons as well! I wonder if you can pre-order a PS5 with Nook Miles?

For now, you can play with acorns and get all festive ahead of the winter season. Are you excited about the holiday items you can get from shaking acorns out of trees? Isn’t it just great that’s a kind of sentence you can write with this game? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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