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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is unlike previous games in the franchise. You won’t pay back a loan from Tom Nook (though you do work for Nook’s Homes), hunt for bugs and complete fetch quests for different villagers. Instead you’ll channel your inner designer, creating stylish homes for a variety of residents and even using amiibo cards to complete special requests. With tons of different items at your disposal, you’ll spend hours customizing the perfect living space, and if the mood strikes you, there’s an option to share these designs with the Miiverse community! 

With a game this open ended, the last thing we want to do is stand in the way of your imagination. Of course, it helps to have some tips once and a while, so keep this Happy Home Designer advice in mind. 

Happy Home Handbook 

Despite the temptation to jump right into designing, it pays to read through the Happy Home Handbook. Inside you’ll find advice for creating beautiful things, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll unlock cool stuff and learn design tricks impatient players won’t have access to. In fact, you’re free to spend Play Coins to access lessons that’ll teach you how to add sounds, pull off expert window treatments and see new layouts. 

Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for some help. Both Lottie and Digby have much wisdom to share.

Magnifying Glass

Happy Home Designer lets you design however you’d like, but sometimes a gentle nudge in the best direction is welcome. The magnifying glass icon will inform you of new items to experiment with, and suggest specific items a customer prefers. The better you realize this villager’s overall vision, the more successful you’ll be. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t need to strictly follow someone’s request. That said, try to incorporate their suggested items into your design. It’s all in the Design Catalogue, and you’ll see new items as you take on clients. 

Tip: Store friends and designs in your Client Book. Take pictures by pressing both L and R on the 3DS at the same time, and be sure to visit old clients to see if they want you to make updates to their homes. 

Go Outside 

It’s easy to shut yourself indoors and focus on home interiors, but remember, this game also lets you design someone’s yard and exterior. Time for some fresh air! 

Tip: Not a fan of the in-game designs? The My Design tool lets you create your own. Then you can slap the image onto walls and floors. 

Branch Out 

Clients will put new items in your catalogue on a regular basis, but don’t limit yourself to a handful of people. Occasionally visit town hall and use your creative eye to spruce up the hospital and different shops. Besides, the more requests you complete, the more items get unlocked. 

Become a Member of the Happy Home Network 

There’s more to the Happy Home Network than visiting other players’ creations and rating them. You have the chance to enter a Happy Home Network Design contest every month. Design using the mandatory theme as inspiration to win in-game items like a massive cake or candy house, among other cool things. 

Tip: You can share created patterns online. Alternatively, create QR Code Patterns using the sewing machine while at Nook’s Homes.

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