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Angry Birds Evolution Tips – How to Get the Best Team

by Josh Hawkins

Angry Birds Evolution brings the fun wacky gameplay of Angry Birds to a new genre, and tasks players with building a team of unique and powerful birds to help take down the pigs who stole their eggs. In this article we’ll go over several helpful Angry Birds Evolution tips that will help you build the best team and become the most powerful team of birds in Angry Birds Evolution.

Rebuild Your Team

The only way to grow a successful team is to constantly rebuild it and exchange old birds for more powerful birds. This can be very handy for situations where your old team just doesn’t work, and you should take advantage of every bird in your inventory whenever you can. We’d suggest taking a look at your team every time you unlock new birds, as this will allow you to make sure you are always running the most powerful in your lineup.

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Attack from Behind

Much like the regular Angry Birds games, birds in Angry Birds Evolution can also bounce off of things and even activate super powers. Although you face off against your enemies directly, attacking them from behind will be your best option when dealing with powerful enemies. To attack from behind, position your birds so that they bounce off of the battle boundaries, or other birds, and then release them. You should get a bonus for attacking from behind.

Defeat Pigs Before They Attack

The best offense is a good defense, and that goes for Angry Birds Evolution as well. Each time you start a new battle, the pigs involved have a certain amount of time that they’ll need to wait before they can attack you. This number will be revealed above their head, so take advantage of this piece of info and try to take out Pigs before they can attack you back. If you consistently do this, you’ll be able to complete missions and battles without ever taking any damage.

Take Part in Events

Like any mobile game, Angry Birds Evolution has plenty of events for its players to take part in, so make sure you aren’t missing out on good rewards by foregoing these events. They can be a great way to earn more rewards, including Gold Coins, Gems, and even Rare birds. Make sure you don’t miss out on them by staying up to date on everything Angry Birds Evolution has to offer.

If you use these tips, you should find yourself making out nicely in Angry Birds Evolution. It is a much different game compared to previous Angry Birds titles, and it has a lot to offer fans who enjoy turn-based combat. Be patient, attack from behind, take part in events, and try to take out pigs before they attack to maximize your combat efficiency.