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Angry Birds Evolution – Get Free Gems, Increase Inventory

by Josh Hawkins

Gems are the premium currency in Angry Birds Evolution, and they unlock the ability to gain plenty of new things, like more inventory space. As you unlock new birds in Angry Birds Evolution, you’re going to slowly run out of inventory space, and you’ll need to unlock more using your Gems. In this article we’ll talk in-depth about some of the best ways to get free Gems in Angry Birds Evolution, as well as how to increase your inventory using those Gems.

How to Get Free Gems

While Gems can be purchased from the store in Angry Birds Evolution, many players will want to play the game without investing any of their hard-earned cash. This can easily be done through a series of different methods, all of which we have clearly outlined below. Take a look to learn more about how you can get free Gems in Angry Birds Evolution.

Achievements are one of the best ways to earn free Gems, and they are also one of the easiest. You can start unlocking Achievements quite early in the game, starting with some really early ones like leveling up, and even unlocking new areas. Look for the Achievements in the main part of town, and see which ones you can work on to unlock some free Gems.

Another great way to unlock free Gems is to level up and hit level 15. At this point you’ll acquire the ability to find Gem Pigs throughout the game. When killed these pigs will drop loads of Gems for you to pick up and collect. Just be quick about it, though, it’s said that they get scared easily.

As you find new enemies, defeat them, and even collect new birds, you’ll add entries to your collection. This is really handy because you can activate these items in your collection and then unlock some Gems for your troubles. This means all you have to do is play the game, activate the items in your collection, and reap the benefits of beautiful, free Gems.

When you reach level 17 you’ll also unlock the free Gem perk, which allows you to start finding Gems scattered throughout the main town area. This is really handy, as you can simply check out the town when you visit it, and usually pick up a few Gems for your troubles. You won’t be a millionaire as quickly as you would buying them, but it’s a good way to just progress naturally through the game and earn Gems for your troubles.

How to Increase Your Inventory

Now that you know some really helpful ways to earn Gems in Angry Birds Evolution, let’s talk about inventory space, and how you can improve it. By default, your inventory isn’t that large, and after you collect a few worthy birds from your Hatchery, you’ll probably need to upgrade it.

Luckily, the inventory upgrades aren’t too expensive, and you’ll only need to spend 25-200 Gems depending on the amount of space you want to add. At the start you have 25 inventory space, and you can then purchase 1 spot for 25 Gems or 10 spots for 200 Gems.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the Gems to spend, or you simply want to save them for a later time, you can also evolve your birds, and fuse other birds into your favorite birds in order to clear out inventory space. This is the easiest way to keep your inventory in check early on in the game.

Just play through the game, complete your achievements, and try not to focus too much on how many Gems you have. As you continue through the story, you’ll eventually find that you have more than enough to do whatever you need to do and then some. You can also check out our guide on how to get more eggs to learn the best ways to farm for new birds to add to your party!