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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Best Game Deals

by Nicholas Barth

One of the best days for saving money and finding amazing deals when it comes to the video game world has arrived, as Amazon Prime Day 2019 is currently underway. Providing Amazon Prime members with a vast array of worthwhile deals for games, hardware, and accessories, July 15th, and 16th will be seeing plenty of players get their hands on awesome products for much cheaper than usual. One of the best areas where you will find deals that are sure to be extremely hard to pass on if you have been wanting a certain product are games, as Amazon Prime Day 2019 has provided a multitude of money saving opportunities for individuals to take full advantage of. In order to help you find on this quest for finding an awesome deal, we have gathered together some of the most worthwhile and economical deals currently available throughout the duration of Amazon Prime Day 2019 for some of the most popular games on the market currently.

The Division 2

You would be hard pressed to find someone who would not like to only spend a third of what they normally would have to in order to play one of the most popular games on the market at the moment. This is why the Amazon Prime Day 2019 deal for The Division 2 is definitely something interested players should take advantage of if they have been wanting to try out the looter-shooter game. With The Division 2 currently available for $19.99 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, the Amazon Prime Day 2019 deal will see individuals save a whopping $40.00. Due to The Division 2 being filled to the brim with entertaining content, those who purchase this deal will get way more than their money’s worth with this particular money-saving opportunity. 

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee were the first two major Pokemon games released on the Nintendo Switch console. Offering a unique gameplay experience for fans of the high-profile entertainment franchise, these two titles are easily some of the most sought after games on the Nintendo Switch. With this in mind, those who have been wanting to play Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee will find it hard to pass up on this Amazon Prime Day 2019 deal where the popular title can be purchased for the low price of $29.99. Saving players a total of $30.00, the Amazon Prime Day 2019 deal for Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee is definitely one of the best that people will find over the course of July 15th and 16th. 

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

While Assassins Creed Odyssey has been on the market for some time now, there are likely plenty of individuals who have held off on purchasing the latest entry in the popular Ubisoft franchise in order to acquire it for a cheaper price. If you are one of these individuals, your time has finally come to add Assassins Creed Odyssey to your collection. Down 67% from its standard $59.99 price tag, the Amazon Prime Day 2019 deal for Assassins Creed Odyssey allows players to obtain the action-packed title for the low price of $19.99 and is definitely a deal everyone who does not already own the popular game should take advantage of before Amazon Prime Day 2019 is officially over.


While Anthem has received its fair share of criticism following its official release, those who have been interested at all in trying out this looter-shooter game will find no better time to dive in than Amazon Prime Day 2019. Currently marked down an astronomical 81% from its original price, the Amazon Prime Day 2019 deal for the Anthem” Legion of Dawn Edition will see players get everything Anthem has to offer for only $14.99 when compared to its original price of $65.00. Even though many believe that the amount of content currently in the Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition does not warrant a $65 price tag, there is definitely more than enough content to make the Amazon Prime day 2019 price of $14.99 a deal to good to pass up if you have been wanting to try out Anthem. 

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