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All Yo-Kai Tribes in Yo-Kai Watch 2

by Josh Hawkins

Yo-Kai Watch 2 is finally here, and players can start diving in and catching new Yo-kai now. But, as you add more Yo-kai to your collection, you might wonder what each Yo-kai does. Well, to start things off, we’ll break down how the Yo-kai tribes are broken up, and go over the different types of tribes, and what they are best known for in the game.

All Yo-Kai Tribes

There are a total of nine Yo-kai tribes in Yo-Kai Watch 2, and this leaves a ton of different Yo-kai for players to find and add to their collections. We’ve broken them all down below, so take a look to see which Yo-kai you’re most interested in, that way you can see which types you want to collect the most of for your fighting style.


These Yo-kai are best known for being courageous and cool under pressure. They’re exceptionally powerful in physical combat, and excel at fighting in battle. Yo-kai in this tribe include the likes of Snartle and Corptain.


This tribe of Yo-kai is made up of Yo-kai that come in all kinds of weird shapes and sizes. They’re also very strong in Yo-kai Techniques. Yo-kai in this group include Flengu and Kyubi.


The Tough Yo-kai tribe is rubbed in body, and they offer a nice and strong defense with extremely powerful guarding abilities. Think of these Yo-kai as your tanks. This tribe includes Yo-kai like Hornaplenty and Swosh.


Charming Yo-kai are the cutest and most cuddly looking in appearance. Don’t let their appearance fool you, though. See, these Yo-kai are extremely fast and sharp in combat, making them some of the best to have around in your Yo-kai wheel. Yo-kai here include the Komasan S and Bad Boya Yo-kai.


This tribe of Yo-kai are caring, kind, and full-hearted. They specialize in healing abilities that will help keep your Yo-kai team pushing forward, and constantly moving forward in the story. You’ll want to keep some of these Yo-kai around when doing battle, as they’ll be the difference between life and death for your Yo-kai. Yo-kai here include Smashibull and Auntie Heart.


These Yo-kai tribes are dark-hearted and are often seen bringing out the dark in nearby humans. Beware of them, but make use of them in your battle team when possible to even the odds of success. Yo-kai in this tribe include Wobblewok, Awevil, and many more.


This Yo-kai tribe specializes in inflicting status ailments on your enemies, and you’ll do well to make use of them during your times of trial and struggle. Don’t forget that others can use the same ailments against you, though. This tribe is made up of Yo-kai like Everfore, Eterna.


Yo-kai in the Slippery tribe are free-thinkers that take on snake-like features. They’re most notable for their buffing abilities, which make them exceptionally useful in fights. Yo-kai in this tribe include Dragon Lord and Mermadonna.


The Wicked are a new tribe of Yo-kai introduced in Yo-Kai 2, and they are the vilest and most evil of the Yo-kai you’ll encounter throughout the world. The worst part is, they can also corrupt other Yo-kai they are near, so be wary as you take them on. Yo-kai here include Unfairy and Unkeen.

That’s all of the current Yo-kai tribes in Yo-Kai Watch 2. For more help, be sure to check out our guide on how to evolve Yo-kai in Yo-Kai Watch 2. We’ll have more Yo-kai Watch 2 content coming this week, so check back later for more information and help.