All Welcome Home Guest Book Secrets Listed

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Welcome Home is an ARG that’s layered with secrets, hidden in the very images that you peruse as you go through the site. But there’s one particular area that offers a wealth of insight and that’s the Guest Book. Here are all the Welcome Home Guest Book Secrets Listed.

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All Welcome Home Guest Book Secrets Listed

If you’ve made your way to the Guest Book in the Welcome Home website, you’ve likely seen the parade of comments left by real people like yourself. But across some of these messages are superimposed doodles, which seem to be drawn by Wally himself.

Eyes seem to be a reoccurring motif, depicted either as a circle with a dot or a spiral that is either red or colorful.

If you right click on these doodles, you can examine their file names. And by doing so, you’ll see that that the file names are actually hidden messages. Frequently, these messages are innocent enough. On a message that says, “Wally you are very handsome” there is a red heart, and the filename is “thankyou”, for example.

But other messages are far more ominous. Here are the most troubling or interesting messages in the Welcome Home Guest Book, which has been checked on April 11.

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  • In response to a message from Watchy that says, “Hey Wally I hope you’re cool and not super evil that’d be a real bummer” there is a doodle of a sad crying face. The doodle’s file name is “youdontlikemeneighbor.png.”
  • In a response to a message from Emily that says, “Why do you like eye contact?” there is a doodle of a colorful spiral. The file name is “soyouknowiamlookingatyouneighbor_iamtalkingtoyou.png.”
  • In response to a message from Alex that says, “this website has secrets I know it” there is a colorful doodle that blocks out the entire message. The image has no filename, but after inspecting the site, I was able to read the message Alex left.
  • In response to a message from Mars that reads, “This site has reawakened so many childhood memories! Thank you for starting this restoration project, it’s a true shame what happened to the show :[“ there is a giant spiral that represents Wally’s eye. There is no filename, and the image makes it difficult to read the message Mars left.
  • In response to a message from a nameless person that reads, “where am I?? What is this place… if someone is reading this please help me, i have no clue what is happening here and there are these, people, i think thats what they are, they look almost like strange puppets from a child’s book… but if theres anyone out there reading this… help me… please” there is a series of red question marks. The file name reads “whyareyoufibbing_youarenothere_idontseeyou_pleasedonotlietome_.png.”
  • In response to a message from Jackob that reads, “Man, it’s been years since I thought about this show. I genuinely thought I made it up was I was a kid, the memory of it has always been this unreachable itch in the back of my mind. Hopefully, this project will help scratch it a bit,” there is a doodle of a red spiral that represents Wally’s eye. The file name reads “Scratchharder_.png.”
  • In response to a message from Nosipho that reads, “Hiya Wally! You and your friends sure seem like a bunch of wonderful folks! What’s your favorite memory with each of your friends?” there is a doodle that scratches out the words “Hiya Wally!”. The file name reads “nomemory_.png.”

Welcome Home has quite a few more secrets. Fortunately, we have a complete list of all of them that’s up to date. Check out the full compilation here: All Discovered Secrets in the Welcome Home ARG.


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