All Weapon and Item Locations for Precious Cargo in MW3

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 features new types of missions in its campaign called Open Combat missions, where players have a bit more freedom to tackle objectives. The first of those missions that players experience is the Precious Cargo level.

MW3 Precious Cargo Guide

Precious Cargo is the second mission of the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, and players assume the role as Farah infiltrating an Urzikstan port to receive a special arms shipment. The objectives of the mission are to acquire the GPS trackers from the ship and attach them to shipping containers.

Killing All Enemies in Precious Cargo MW3

It is possible to take out all of the enemies in the level, making it much easier to traverse without much difficulty. Going loud will bring in reinforcements and more fighting, but there is a stealth option.

Stealth Guide for Precious Cargo MW3

Players only start with a knife the first time, but picking up weapons around the map will give better firepower with silencer attachments. Take it slow and pick off enemies form afar with a silenced assault rifle or SMG. If spotted, take out any remaining enemies and hide until the alarm stops.

All Precious Cargo Weapon and Item Locations in MW3

Precious Cargo contains 21 weapons and items that can be picked up throughout the mission. Picking up these items will add them to the loadout caches on the level, and players will keep them for just that mission. The unlocks also carry over between difficulties, so they only need to be found once.

Here are all the weapons and items in the Precious Cargo mission, separating the giant map into three areas for easier viewing:

Previous Cargo Boat Map

The boat in the north contains three orange crates with weapons. Two are in the main section of the boat, while the other is in a downstairs cabin on the left side. Players will get these weapons:

  • Incendiary Bryson 800 – Shotgun
  • KVD Enforcer – Marksman Rifle
  • RGL-80 – Launcher

Precious Cargo Southeast Map

The southeast part of the map contains seven weapons and items. Most are found in the giant building, and one even requires you to look down a shaft from the upper floors to unlock a jammed door. Players will get these items:

  • Explosive Victus XMR – Sniper Rifle
  • Hybrid STB-556 – Assault Rifle
  • Munitions Box – Field Upgrade
  • Pulemyot 762 – LMG
  • RPK – LMG
  • Signal 50 – Sniper Rifle
  • Silenced ISO Hemlock – Assault Rifle

Precious Cargo Southwest Map

The 11 items in the southwest are mostly in shipping containers, though a few are inside and on top of the small building. Here are the items:

  • 556 Icarus – LMG
  • BAS-B – Battle Rifle
  • GS Magna – Pistol
  • Heartbeat Sensor – Field Upgrade
  • MTZ-556 – Assault Rifle
  • PILA – Launcher
  • Recon Drone – Field Upgrade
  • Silenced Expedite 12 – Shotgun
  • Silenced Rival-9 – SMG
  • Silenced WSP Swarm – SMG
  • Snapshot Pulse – Field Upgrade

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