All Weapon and Item Locations for Crash Site in MW3

A small farm to explore.

MW3 campaign
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 contains a new type of campaign mission where players are “weapons free” and given a less linear level to roam around in. Crash Site is one of the Open Combat missions, and here is the location for every weapon in the level.

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MW3 Crash Site Guide

Crash Site is the seventh mission in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign and features Farah as she visits a crashed Russian airplane to collect evidence and prevent her faction from being framed for the incident. Players will be searching through various smartphones and extracting after one of her teammates gets caught.

Killing All Enemies in Crash Site MW3

This mission is a somewhat self-contained level despite all the open space, as it centers around a plane crashed on a farm. There are a finite number of enemies for most of the mission, though reinforcements can come if completely spotted.

Stealth Guide for Crash Site MW3

Stealth is great way to clear the level and get the weapons quickly. However, do not check the phones within the debris, as the mission will progress with more enemies appearing. The tall grass and darkness will help eliminate enemies from afar, though it will be easier to have some of the silenced weapons below for cleaner shots.

All Crash Site Weapon and Item Locations in MW3

Crash Site contains 10 weapons and items to get and are fairly close to one another. Players should set the difficulty to Recruit for an easier time using stealth to grab every orange storage crate in the level. All unlocked weapons carry over between difficulties, so players only need to grab each item once.

Crash Site Weapon and Item Map

The weapon caches are represented with a pistol icon, while the field upgrades are noted with a gear icon on the map. There are seven weapons and three items in the level, mostly all sitting on the ground level.

The one weapon in the small building to the right of plane crash is on the roof, but there are objects around it that can be used to climb up to the roof easily. Here are all the weapons and items that can be unlocked in Crash Site:

  • Armor Box – Field Upgrade
  • Heartbeat Sensor – Field Upgrade
  • Incendiary Lockwood 680 – Shotgun
  • Incendiary Raal MG – LMG
  • Kastov 762 – Assault Rifle
  • Munitions Box – Field Upgrade
  • Silenced Crossbow – Marksman Rifle
  • Silenced M4 – Assault Rifle
  • Silenced SA-B 50 – Sniper Rifle
  • Silenced Victus XMR – Sniper Rifle

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