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All Sumeru Fishing Spots Locations in Genshin Impact

Fishing for the fish bow

by Patrick Souza

Have you ever heard the call of the seas? If your answer is no, I have some bad news for you. Genshin Impact goes out of its way to present the players with the joy of fishing, a simple activity introduced in the Inazuma update and expanded during Sumeru.

And just like in the other regions, there are many fish and rewards exclusive to the forests and deserts we can only find in the land of Dendro. If you’re planning on getting those items such as the End of The Line bow, it’s time to stop ignoring that annoying calling. Go conquer those fishes! Is Paimon annoying you? Throw your line at her too! If only we could…

All Sumeru Fishing Spots Locations

There are 9 different fishing spots in Sumeru. Six of them belong to the Rainforest and the other two are rivers in the desert. You can get different fishes during the morning (06:00 to 18:00) and night (18:00 to 06:00), and they respawn three days (in real life) after being caught.

At the current moment, no Sumeru characters have a passive similar to Thoma’s (chance of getting an extra fish in Inazuma), so just get your bait ready at the Crafting Benches in the big cities and get ready for torture. If you somehow already got Sumeru’s exclusive rod, make sure you’re using it all the time.

Rainforest Fishing Spots 

Sumeru Fishing Spots 4
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Most of the points in Sumeru have easy access, so don’t expect to take much time traveling between them.

Sumeru City

Sumeru Fishing Points City
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At the port below the city, next to the cargo. Be careful not to scare the fish, because all of the noise from the ships doesn’t accomplish that somehow.

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Yazadaha Pool

You can get here from the previous point by just swimming for a while. This one is next to the torch puzzle and to the Waverider Waypoint.

Vimara Village

Literally in front of the Village’s teleport. Way easier than in previous regions until here.


Sumeru Fishing Points Vanarana
Screenshot via Prima Games

The best teleport is the one directly below the spot. The fishing river will be a little bit past the waterfall, so keep heading forward after you see it.

Devantaka Mountain

Now head to the teleport next to the Aeonblight Drake boss and glide down. You should see the fishing point glowing in the distance.

Port Ormos

Screenshot via Prima Games

The final spot is directly opposite the Fishing Association NPC and you can use the grappling hooks to reach the other side of the river. Talk with the NPC if you want to exchange your fishies for rewards.

Mawtiyima Forest

The most important spot since it hosts the most important fish for the bow. Glide left from the teleport (towards the upper side of the map) to find it.

Desert Fishing Spots

With only two spots here, you might visit those first to get them out of the way quickly.

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Aaru Village

Screenshot via Prima Games

Use the teleport in the village (teleport, not the Statue) and keep gliding forward until you see the spot glowing below you. One more visit left!

Dar al-Shifa

Glide down from the Dendro Hypostasis teleport and head to the river (not a mirage, I swear) to save your fin friends from drowning. Have some sushi later to celebrate.

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