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What good is a video game if the immersion is not there for the player? Nowadays, video games are widely considered an essential form of art. As such, they employ various techniques and methods to captivate the player’s attention and drag them into the story entirely. One of the crucial aspects for a video game to be great is voice acting. Unfortunately, some people do not hold voice acting in high regard, but let me assure you, it can make or break a video game. For Starfield, Bethesda hired a massive amount of voice actors to cover all of the named and non-named NPCs, and we are bringing the list of the voice actors for the most essential characters in the game.

All Important NPC Voice Actors in Starfield Listed

Below, you will see the alphabetically sorted list of all important NPC voice actors in Starfield.

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  • Adoring Fan—Craig Sechler, known for the reprisal of his role in TES IV: Oblivion
  • Andreja—Cissy Jones, known for her performances in Destiny 2, Life Is Strange
  • Barrett—Barry Wiggins, known for his performances in Mafia 3, Star Trek: Voyager, and The X-Files
  • Captain Petrov—Stephen Russell
  • Dad—Tim Russ
  • Heller—Damien C. Haas, known for his performance in Fallout 76
  • Matteo Khatri—Carlos Valdes, known for his performance in the Arrow (TV Series)
  • Mom—Nana Visitor
  • Noel—Dana Gourrier, known for her performance in Detroit: Become Human and Django Unchained
  • Sam Coe—Elias Toufexis, known for his performance in AC Odyssey
  • Sarah Morgan—Emily O’Brien
  • Supervisor Lin—Sumalee Montano, known for her performances in Ghost of Tsushima and R6:Siege.
  • VASCO—Jake Green, known for his performance as Sid in the Ice Age
  • Vladimir Sall—Bumper Robinson, known for his performances in Fallout 4
  • Walter Stroud—Armin Shimerman, known for the role of Quark in Star Trek

Since Starfield is a big game with many named NPCs, this list would have extended very far.

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