Starfield Proves That Even in Space, You Can’t Escape Extended Warranty Callers

Hello, we'd like to contact you about your Starfield's extended warranty.

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Scammers. We’ve all had their calls and emails before. Whether it be some random prince from god knows where wanting to pass along millions of dollars to you, some hot singles in your area that only want your credit card mailed to them, or a $100 gift card reward if you only fill out a small survey from the most random email imaginable, they’re all there. If you were loading up Starfield this weekend expecting to escape such trivial matters, then you’ve got the wrong idea.

Starfield Ship Warranty
Screenshot by Prima Games.

While I was exploring the world of Starfield to get ideas for guides to send out to you all, I noticed a random ship flying past named Unknown Ship (that looks oddly phallic but that’s beside the point). For fun, I chose to hail it since it’s not every day you get this sort of opportunity. What I didn’t expect was for said ship to start contacting me about my ship’s extended warranty. You can probably imagine how my eyes quickly rolled into the back of my head.

According to the pilot, the “uncertainty of the political situation” meant it was a great time to renew my warranty or purchase one in case I lacked coverage. Now normally anyone’s first instinct within a minute of this conversation is to politely tell them to piss off and hang up the phone, I had a different idea in mind. I decided I’d do what any normal person wants to do but can’t, and that’s to attack them. Now the ship wasn’t too pleased with the idea since it would “void my warranty”, but I can’t imagine a top-mounted missile launcher, shielded cargo bay, and other heavy weaponry kept the warranty intact. Unfortunately, the ship managed to Grav Jump away before I could finish them off.

This right here is the beauty of video games. The ability to express your deepest, darkest desires and give telemarketers exactly what they’re asking for. Hopefully, Bethesda doesn’t want to come back and bite me by having that space scammer bring back an armada of ships, but frankly, I welcome the challenge.

In case you’re planning on finding this yourself, be sure to snag some free minerals from nearby asteroids.

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