All Reverse: 1999 Preregistration Rewards Listed

Just enough to get two Six-Stars if you plan right or more, if you're super lucky!

Regulus and APPLe from Reverse: 1999
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Reverse 1999 began a preregistration campaign a few weeks before their game would come out on October 26. This includes a variety of in-game prizes that would be granted to every new player upon completion of milestones of people signing up to get the game when it debuted.

While the game only had around three tiers for their milestones, players did knock it out of the park when it came to the ultimate goal of one million people signing up to download the game the day it launched. So all new players for the official global release of the game will be able to claim all of the prizes that are listed below once they finish the first few chapters in Story Chapter 1. 

All Preregistration Rewards Listed for Reverse 1999

  • Clear Drops x1,300
  • Dust x5,000
  • Simple Insight Package x5
  • Jar of Picrasma Candy x1
  • Sharpodanty x30,000
  • Matilda (Five-Star)

How to Claim All Preregistration Rewards in Reverse 1999 – Answered

Preregistration Rewards will be sent to the player’s mail once they complete the first few chapters of the First Story Arc in Reverse 1999. At that point, players will be able to freely investigate and peruse the main screen, the story chapters, and the resource challenges. 

To get to your mail, you’ll need to head back to your main screen where there is a list of icons on the left side of the screen just underneath the Character Level. The first of these icons is the envelope icon and by clicking the Mail, you will be led to a list of mail sent to the player. This can include not only the Preregistration Rewards that every player is guaranteed but any other rewards that are completed by the tasks such as leveling up the Player Account and Codes Redeemed. 

Additional Rewards You Can Claim In-Game in Reverse 1999

In light of its recent debut, Reverse 1999 has prepared multiple rewards that players can receive by accomplishing different tasks throughout the game. The preregistration rewards do ask that you get through the first few chapters in order to claim all of the rewards achieved in the campaign, so other tasks may also ask that you complete a portion of other parts of the game before gaining more rewards.

One such gift is the Official Launch Gift which players can get through the mail once they reach player levels. These rewards include x20 Unilogs (Materials used for pulling characters in the gacha banner), a Jar of Picrasma Candy, and growth materials for characters. The Official Launch Gift is a set of these items that will be handed out within the first seven days that the player is active and can be retrieved through the mail like the other rewards.

In addition, Reverse 1999 will start a daily Sign-In where for the next eight days that the player continues to log back in, they will be able to 23 Unilogs as well as the free Six-Star Psychube (Equippable Item to strengthen your characters further) and the Five-Star character Dikke. These rewards are separate from the ones you get for the Official Launch prizes even though they do work in similar fashions.

Another starter pack that’s available is the Starter Task: Beginning of the Tale rewards, these set of rewards are sent to the player’s mail once more of the Starter Tasks have been completed. This includes an additional x1900 Clear Drops, x10 Unilogs, x2 Five-Star Psychubes, and plenty of growth materials. 

The official launch of Reverse 1999 has promised around 73 free summons players can gain from participating in the tasks listed above. This can get players more than ready to get started on challenging the main story and hard modes of Reverse 1999. For completing chapters and getting a significant way through the story, players will be rewarded with each milestone passed and each mission won. So, the rewards don’t even stop at 73 as Reverse 1999 promises.

There are more ways to get rewards for the game such as redeeming codes and participating in Reverse 1999’s out-of-game events. To play in some of these roles, be sure that you are following Reverse 1999’s official X Account (formerly known as Twitter) and join their Discord so you aren’t missing any updates to the global server of the game and can play in more events.

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