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All Psyker Psykinetic Feats in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

The Psyker must really love to explode people's brains.

While your skills and tactical decision-making are key to survival in Warhammer 40K: Darktide, so is a great build with a solid list of feats and weapons. This is quite true for someone like the Psyker, who benefits from being able to more efficiently use its Peril percentage to its best. As such, you’re going to want a solid build of feats. This requires ample understanding of each feat choice and what they do, which is why we’re here. Here are all feats for the Psyker Psykinetic in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

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Every Psyker Psykinetic Feat in Darktide

As with our other lists of feats, this isn’t just a standard list of each feat and its descriptions. If you wanted that, you could simply go in-game and find them yourself. Instead, we will be listing a few off as necessary but rewording most to better explain what they do. This way you know exactly what you’re getting out of each feat. Without further ado, here they all are:

  • Level 5
    • Essence Harvest: Replenish 30% Toughness over five seconds each time you gain a Warp Charge (killing an enemy with Brain Burst).
    • Warp Absorption: Replenish 10% Toughness when you kill an enemy with a Warp attack (abilities, Force Sword special action, and staff attacks).
    • Quietitude: Replenish 5% Toughness for every 10% of Peril quelled.
  • Level 10
    • Psykinetic’s Wrath: Gain between 5% and 15% damage for Force weapon attacks (weapons with Force-based attacks like the Force Sword and staffs) based on your current Peril amount).
    • Inner Tranquility: Gain 6% Peril resistance for every Warp Charge you have.
    • Wrack and Ruin: Killing an elite or specialist with Brain Burst applies two stacks of Soulblaze (Psyker’s Bleed stacks) to all enemies within three meters of the target.
  • Level 15
    • Psychic Communion: Whenever you or an ally in Coherency kills an enemy, you have a 4% chance to gain a Warp Charge.
    • Psykinetic’s Aura: Allies in Coherency gain 15% ultimate ability cooldown when killing an elite.
    • Cerebral Lacerations: Damaging an enemy with your Brain Burst ability causes them to take 15% damage from any non-Warp attacks (non-Force weapon attacks, rifles, etc.).
  • Level 20
    • Kinetic Deflection: While below high peril (80% or higher), blocking an attack causes you to gain Peril instead of losing stamina.
    • Kinetic Shield: Take between 10% and 33% reduced Toughness damage from ranged attacks based on your current Warp Charge count.
    • Mind in Motion: Your movement speed is not reduced when quelling Peril.
  • Level 25
    • Warp Battery: Can store up to six Warp Charges
    • Kinetic Overload: While you have maximum Warp Charges, gaining a Warp Charge instead applies four stacks of Soulblaze to a nearby enemy, prioritizing Elite enemies.
    • Kinetic Flayer: All attacks have a 10% chance to Brain Burst the target. This can’t occur while at 80% or higher Peril, and has a cooldown of 15 seconds.
  • Level 30
    • Quicken: Your ultimate ability removes all Warp Charges, reducing your ultimate cooldown by 12.5% for every Warp Charge removed.
    • Ascendant Blaze: Your ultimate ability removes all Warp Charges, applying stacks of Soulblaze to enemies hit (with your ult) based on the amount of Warp Charges removed. Enemies killed by any Soulblaze effects have a 10% chance to grant you a Warp Charge.
    • Kinetic Barrage: For 10 seconds after using your ultimate ability, your Brain Burst charges 25% faster and uses 50% less Peril.

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Psyker’s Psykinetic subclass brings several builds to the table, namely around the Warp Charges gained from using Brain Burst. If you like bleeding your targets and exploding their head from within, this is easily the class for you.

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