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All Swarm Disaster Path Resonance Interplays in Honkai: Star Rail

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The new Swarm Disaster mode is the definitive endgame content that Honkai: Star Rail could only imagine. With a difficult, yet delightful update released to the Simulated Universe,  there’s an infinity of tools ready to aid you when fighting the swarm, and the new Resonance Interplays is one of them. Let’s take a look at all Path Resonance Interplays in Honkai: Star Rail below.

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What Are Resonance Interplays in Honkai: Star Rail?

Exclusive to Swarm Disaster mode, these resonances are obtained by getting at least three Blessings from your base Path and three more of a different path that can make an Interplay with the first one. They apply special effects when the base resonance is used. The Hunt + the Elation Interplay applies an extra Speed buff for the whole team, for example. 

Swarm Disaster Resonance Interplays Obtained
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Given how easy is to get extra blessings in Swarm Disaster compared to regular SU, it’s fairly easy to get an Interplay early on. There are two interplays for each path, and more could be added in another future update. 


Both Interplays for each path can be obtained in a single run. You can theoretically even get all of your base Resonance upgrades as well as both Interplays, but that would require at least 20 Blessings in total.

All Path Resonance Interplays Listed

There’s a total of 16 Interplays available for players. Propagation Interplays are only available once you unlock the Propagation Path, which requires completing all Swarm Disaster Chapters first. 

Base PathSecondary PathName and Effect
PreservationNihilityResonance Interplay: Spiked Armor – There is a 150% base chance for Path Resonance: Preservation to inflict Bleed on the attacked target for 2 turn(s). Bleeding enemies will take Physical DoT equal to 12% of their Max HP at the start of each turn. This DMG cannot exceed 250% of the total amount of Shield effect currently active on all allies.
PreservationRemembranceResonance Interplay: Cold Snap – When attacking Frozen enemy targets with Path Resonance: Preservation, the DMG dealt increases by 80% and the Freeze status on the enemy targets is removed. Dissociation will not be removed by this effect.
RemembranceDestructionResonance Interplay: Faces Places – When the Freeze effect caused by Path Resonance is dispelled or resisted by enemy targets, there is a 150% base chance of lowering the target’s All-Type RES by 15% for 2 turn(s). For every 1% HP that each ally has lost, the target’s All-Type RES is additionally lowered by 0.06%.
RemembranceThe HuntResonance Interplay: Landscape in the Mist – When the Freeze effect caused by Path Resonance is dispelled or resisted by enemy targets, there is a 150% base chance of decreasing the target’s SPD by 15% for 2 turn(s).
NihilityThe HuntResonance Interplay: Off the Beaten Track – After using a Path Resonance, for every type of debuff (out of Burn, Shock, Bleed, and Wind Shear) the enemy target is currently inflicted with, Advance Forward all allies’ actions by 4%.
NihilityPropagationResonance Interplay: White Nights – A character’s Basic ATK can cause all DoTs currently applied on the target via Path Resonance: Nihility to immediately deal DMG equivalent to 40% of these statuses’ original DMG.
AbundanceNihilityResonance Interplay: Nullifying Ardor – After using Path Resonance, all allies’ Weakness Break Efficiency increases by 15% and Break Effect increases by 50%. This effect lasts for 2 turn(s) and stacks up to 2 time(s).
AbundancePropagationResonance Interplay: First Illuminate the Mountains – After a character has their HP restored via Path Resonance and if the healing amount exceeds the maximum HP, recover 1 Skill Point. This effect can only trigger 1 time per Path Resonance use. After triggering this effect, all DMG dealt by all allies is increased by 30% for 2 turns. This effect can stack up to 2 time(s).
The HuntAbundanceResonance Interplay: Shooting Starfire – After enemy target(s) are defeated by a Path Resonance, restores all allies’ HP equal to 50% of their respective Max HP.
The HuntElationResonance Interplay: Startling Breeze – After using Path Resonance, all allies’ SPD increases by 25 for 2 turn(s). This effect also applies to units summoned by allies.
DestructionElationResonance Interplay: Zero Age Main Sequence – When a character launches a follow-up attack, regenerates 5% Energy for Path Resonance. If the character’s current HP percentage is lower than 50%, additionally regenerates 5% Energy for Path Resonance.
DestructionPreservationResonance Interplay: Substellar Belt – Using Path Resonance will cause any character with current HP percentage lower than 50% to gain a Shield equal to 40% of their Max HP, lasting for 2 turn(s).
ElationAbundanceResonance Interplay: The Taste of Anglerfish – When Path Resonance: Elation deals DMG, randomly dispels 1 debuff on 1 ally.
ElationRemembranceResonance Interplay: Guinea Pig in Ice Coffin – When Path Resonance: Elation deals Ice DMG, there is a 150% base chance to Freeze the enemy target for 1 turn(s).
PropagationDestructionResonance Interplay: Superposition Eye – After using Path Resonance, nullifies all DMG received by a single target ally except DoT. This status is dispelled after being attacked. If the target ally’s current HP percentage is lower than 50% when Path Resonance is used, it will additionally recover 1 Skill Point(s).
PropagationPreservationResonance Interplay: Adherent Microbial Mat – When using Path Resonance, a single target ally gain a Shield equal to 60% of Max HP, lasting for 3 turn(s).

Each effect brings some of the secondary path’s traits to the main resonance, and you’ll definitely need those in this game mode. There’s a lot of Jades to get out of it, and you definitely want these to pull for the next few characters.

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