All of Mauga’s Abilities in Overwatch 2

The big man himself is finally here

Plenty of clues have been laid up to this point, but now we finally know Mauga’s full kit. Here are all of the abilities of Mauga in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Tank Mauga’s Abilities and Kit, Listed

Mauga is a character who’s made his presence known for quite some time. He’s an old acquaintance of Baptiste, he’s appeared in comics, he has his own sprays, and Samoa seems to be a map dedicated to him. You can find what looks to be Mauga’s giant floral shirt in one of the houses.

And as a tank, you can bet Mauga has quite the hefty kit. Here’s what players can expect.

Mauga rolls into the fray with two Chainguns, which can be fired in unison or one at a time. Each Chaingun has its own name.

Mauga’s Primary Weapons

  • Gunny Chaingun – This Chaingun sets opponents on fire, similar to Ashe’s Dynamite, if Mauga is able to do sustained damage to the target.
  • Cha-Cha Chaingun – This Chaingun emphasizes critical hits.


  • Overrun – A charging ability that sends Mauga forward and makes him briefly immune to crowd control abilities. If Mauga hits an enemy, they’re knocked back.
  • Cardiac Overdrive – This ability allows Mauga to utilize both his hearts and creates an aura that reduces incoming damage for both himself and allies.


  • Berserker – When Mauga lands critical hits, he’ll regain health, syngerizing with his Cha-Cha Chaingun.


  • Cage Fight – Mauga’s ultimate summons a cylinder arena, blocking incoming damage or healing from the outside. Mauga will receive infinite ammo while in the arena, turning the enclosed ring into an all-out brawl.

Mauga is a certainly interesting hero with a unique ultimate, sustainability, and an answer to the player base’s gripes about crowd control abilities. If only Reinhardt’s Charge could get the same treatment!  

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