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All Octopath Traveler II Trophies and Achievements Listed

Yeah. All of them. Listed.

by Lucas White

It’s about time for Octopath Traveler II, and that means it’s about time for some new Trophies and/or Achievements depending on your platform. There’s no Xbox version as of this writing, but you will be able to choose between PlayStation and Steam for your accomplishment-collecting needs. Here’s everything you can earn, sorted by PlayStation Trophy rarity ratings. Because it’s easy that way. There may be spoilers, but that’s what happens when you look up this stuff.

All Octopath Traveler II Trophies and Achievements


A Story All Your Own
Unlocked all trophies


First Break
Broke an enemy for the first time in battle.

Max Boost
Acted at maximum boost for the first time.

A New Skill
Learned a skill for the first time.

The Journey Begins
Embarked on a journey.

Setting Sail
Rode the ferry to a new land.

Octopath Traveler…?
Brought along four townspeople at once.

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Eight Travelers
Gathered all eight travelers.

An Answer, a Journey
Completed Osvald’s story.

Eir’s Apothecaries
Completed Castti’s story.

The Collar Removed
Completed Throné’s story.

Protector of the Island
Completed Ochette’s story.

The Road to Prosperity
Completed Partitio’s story.

Agnea the Star
Completed Agnea’s story.

The Truth Lies in the Flame
Completed Temenos’s story.

Clear Skies
Completed Hikari’s story.

Master of Your Craft
Learned a job’s divine skill.

By the Light of the Heart
Completed Agnea and Hikari’s Crossed Path.

The Detective and His Assistant
Completed Temenos and Throné’s Crossed Path.

A Peaceful Little Forest
Completed Castti and Ochette’s Crossed Path.

Mysteries of the Night Sky
Completed Osvald and Partitio’s Crossed Path.

Dawn Breaks
Returned dawn to the world.

EX Skill Master
Learned all EX skills.

Job Master
Learned all secondary jobs.

Master of Solistia
Traveled to every location on the map.

Hard Hitter
Dealt 9,999 or more damage.

Record Collector
Obtained all records.

Battle-Tested Gear
Obtained all battle-tested equipment.

Informed Adventurer
Gleaned information from 100 townspeople.

100 Out Cold
Soothed or knocked 100 townspeople unconscious.

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Octopath Traveler
Approached the end of your journey.

Gate to the Netherworld
Defeated the netherworldly threat.

Worth the Detour
Finished all side stories.

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