All New Achievements in Genshin Impact 4.2 Version

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Genshin Impact 4.2 All Achievements

The long-awaited conclusion to the Fontaine Archon Quests is here in the Genshin Impact 4.2 version, and the whole game is breaking new ground with a myriad of new activities to unravel. Here are all of the achievements introduced in the latest Fontaine patch.

All Genshin Impact 4.2 Achievements

There’s a total of 47 achievements introduced in Genshin Impact 4.2 version. This includes progressive achievements like opening certain amounts of chests in new areas or completing specific new World Quests. Some descriptions are quite vague, but we’ll add more detail once we get specific info on those.

Fontaine: Dance of the Dew-White Springs (III)

The only new category added in this update. Includes achievements for the new Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest areas, as well as some other activities in it, such as World Quests or interacting with certain NPCs/objects.

Achievement NameDescription
Continental Explorer: Land of Harmonious Springs (III)Light up the maps of the following areas in Fontaine: Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest.
Font of All Waters (III)Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in the following areas in Fontaine: Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest.
Sanctuary Pilgrim: Land of Harmonious Springs (III)Unlock all the Shrines of Depths in the following areas in Fontaine: Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest.
Tidal Guide (III)Follow 3/6/9 Seelie to their Seelie Courts in the Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest.
Waveriding Treasure Hunter (III)Open 40/80/160 treasure chests in the Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest.
Waveriding Adventurer (III)Complete a total of 3/6/9 Open World Time Trial Challenges in the Morte Region and Erinnyes Forest.
Semnai Sans ShadowMeet a mysterious fairy on Erinnyes. (Complete “The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes” Questline
Narzissenkreuz NotesWhat left its name behind? What lies spread all over the valley? What reflects itself in the mirror-water? What symbolizes the lonely, world-saving sacrifice? (Complete “Search in the Algae Sea” Questline)

Wonders of the World

The general category for achievements in which basically everything fits. You get things like Archon Quest achievements, World Quests, minor activities, and easter eggs during boss fights all cramped here. Some descriptions are direct spoilers for quests, so beware!

Achievement NameDescription
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and TomorrowTeach Pahsiv how to say goodbye. (Complete Pahsiv’s quests and buy all of her stock, then collect all 6 Foggy Forest Branches)
Narzissenkreuz Notes: The Labyrinth“What do you think of this world I have drawn for you?” (Collect Mysterious Page X and deliver it back in the Merusea Village)
One Involved in the MatterLearn the secrets of the Narzissenkreuz Ordo and defeat Jakob. (Obtained during the “Search in the Algae Sea” Questline)
An Immortal Emperor in a Mundane UniverseDefeat Narzissenkreuz. (Obtained during the “Search in the Algae Sea” Questline)
Farewell, Mr. EliphasDefeat Eliphas.
Satisfactory Naval ForceObtain treasure through a fierce hail of naval cannonry. (Complete the three time-attack puzzles at Erinnyes Forest region while cannons shoot at you)
Space Force CadetHit every shot!
Measure of InterferenceComplete the past optics experiment.
The Story Is Over, But…“The adventure they call life still goes on.”
Gentle DescentUse the ability of the Xenochromatic Ball Octopus.
I Fear’d the Fury of My Wind…Would Blight All Blossoms Fair and True.
A Predictable EndingYou help the Fontaine Research Institute get back on track…?
A World Yet to Be DisenchantedGive Mysterious Xenochromatic Crystals to the helmsman of the “Rusty Rudder” 3 times. (Obtained by defeating certain Local Legends)
À la volonté du peupleObtain the promise of the Rainbow Rose. (Collect all 8 Treasure Maps and find their treasures)
Crow or Blackbird?It’s a Pelican!
Deianeira of SnezhevnaDefeat Local Legend: Deianeira of Snezhevna
I Do Believe in FairiesHelp Penny resolve her inner turmoil.
In the Language of Flowers, the Lumidouce Bell Means…?You discover a flower in a corner that no one has paid any mind.
Semnai Sans ShadowMeet a mysterious fairy on Erinnyes.
Hope Is a Nice WordWitness new life spring forth in a certain ruin. (Return to Ann’s house after finishing the Narzissenkreuz line)
Even Caesar Could Not Buy This From MeObtain the greatest artwork in this world. (Return to Mamere’s house after finishing the Narzissenkreuz line)
ChassanionDefeat Local Legend: Chassanion
Mageblade CorrougeDefeat Local Legend: Mageblade Corrouge
Rocky AvildsenDefeat Local Legend: Rocky Avildsen
LiamDefeat Local Legend: Liam
Deianeira of SnezhevnaDefeat Local Legend: Deianeira of Snezhevna
Many-as-OneStop the Hydro Tulpa from absorbing Half-Tulpas twice in one challenge.
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the GalaxyEnter the belly of the beast twice during a single challenge. (Let the All-Devouring Narwhall eat you at least twice during the fight)
The Gulls Once WeptWitness the Poisson disaster.
Love is DestructiveNavia survives her encounter with Primordial Seawater.
The Stage of FateLay a trap with your companions that will allow you to “judge a god.”
For a Better TomorrowPeople rebuild their home.
Masquerade of the GuiltyComplete “Masquerade of the Guilty.”

Most achievements are obtained by merely exploring, but some need some backtracking or doing some oddly specific tasks, such as the old 4.1 Fonta-drinking achievements. All for the sake of more Primogems, because new characters are never enough.

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