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All Lucky Dice in Queen’s Gate in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

by Aidan O'Brien

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is filled with interesting mechanics that players can take advantage of, including the Lucky Dice. Hidden in different areas, players can track down Lucky Dice to get extra loot and increase luck for all their loot throughout the playthrough.

You can really help maximize your rewards by tracking down as many of these as possible. In this guide, we will show you where to find the Lucky Dice in the Queen’s Bridge region. There are 15 Lucky Dice in total in this area.

Lucky Dice locations in Queen’s Gate

Lucky Dice #1 – Kindness Landing

Just after arriving at Queen’s Bridge, you will come to a broken bridge. Drop down onto the beast and hug the coast to the left. You will come to a small wooden pier with a Lucky Dice at the of it.

Lucky Dice #2 – Buttsville

The second Lucky Dice can be found after you reach the Paladin and blow up the gate. Head into the next area and you will see a burning two-story building on the right-hand side. On a balcony, you will see the next dice that you are after.

Lucky Dice #3 – Buttsville

The third Lucky Dice is also found in Buttsville, between a building and the catapult that you need to destroy with the Fantasy 4.

Lucky Dice #4

The fourth dice can be found near the next catapult. Follow the path and take out all the enemies, and when you arrive at the catapult look down and to the left. You will find a small area overlooking the sea and the dice will be there.

Lucky Dice #5

From the area where you found number four, turn to the left and you will see a small cave entrance directly ahead. Make your way inside and you will find the next Lucky Dice at the end of the cave.

Lucky Dice #6

Leave the cave, and before blowing up the next catapult, make your way back down the slope. On the left, you will see a small cave in the cliff before you get to the wooden bridge. Go inside to find the next dice.

Lucky Dice #7

The seventh dice can be found by heading straight from the last small cave across the wooden bridge, through the cave, and into the next area. Make your way across the area and you will find the dice on top of some crates.

Lucky Dice #8

Now, go back to the catapult and blow it up, then follow the plan to use it to jump across the chasm. When you get to the new island, follow the coast around to the left, beside the large castle, to find the next Lucky Dice.

Lucky Dice #9

Now, head to the blue waypoint marked on your map in the central part of the castle. There is a stone area right beside the sea that contains the next Lucky Dice.

Lucky Dice #10

Follow the blue waypoint around to the next catapult and take out all the enemies. When they are dead, look out from the right side of the raised area across the first location you landed in when you got to the island. You will see the next dice on top of a pillar and can jump out to it.

Lucky Dice #11

Destroy to catapult and a bridge will form across the gap. The next dice is located at the front of a two-story house on the other side of the gap near the Paladin.

Lucky Dice #12

Talk to the Paladin, then go to the main gate and fight the hordes. When that is over, run straight down through the area, through all the newly opened gates. You will get to the very end and find a large waterwheel with the next dice beside it.

Lucky Dice #13

From there, head to the right of the building and you will find the next one at the end of the broken bridge there.

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